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Masters News

The latest news and updates about Masters racing from all divisions!

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2020 Eastern and Western Region Champions


The 2020 Philips 66 Eastern Region Championships in Stratton, VT saw a variety of weather! Sunny and clear for the SGs and SL while the final GS day brought sleet and fog resulting in the race being finalized after 1 run.  Not to be deterred, the Eastern Region Masters racers along with several visiting from the Canada Masters were able to throw down some great competition to crown the 2020 Eastern Region Champions

Eastern Region Champions

14 (90+) Paul Rich  
13 (85-89) George MacNeil  
12 (80-84) Philipp Brodt  
11 (75-79) Paul Marysko  
10 (70-74) Pepi Neubauer Cynthia Berlack
09 (65-69) Mark George  
08 (60-64) Mark Sertl Nadine Price
07 (55-59) Stephane Ricard Noreen Knortz
06 (50-54) Andrew Sorokin Margaret Faber
05 (45-49) Andres MacPherson Susan Bradshaw
04 (40-44)          Stephen Koobonneau   Martine Allaire
03 (35-39) Justin Lorino Adeline Martini
02 (30-34) Daniel Scuderi Alexandra Mitchell
01 (18-29) Brandon Wilson Taylor Knortz



The 2020 Western Region Championships were part of the FIS Masters Cup event in Northstar, CA. Racers were scored on results from 5 events: 2SG, 2GS(1-run each), and SL. Northstar did an incredible job hosting the event and putting together 3 days of great courses on a perfect race surface! Congratulations to the Western Region Champions!

2019 Wester Region Champions

14 (85-89) Gaetano Demattei  
11 (75-79) Knut Olberg  
10 (70-74) Pepi Neubauer Joan Blumenfeld
09 (65-69) Pierre Jeangirard Deb Lewis
08 (60-64) Richard Slabinski Amy Lanzel
07 (55-59) Tim Hill Lisa Ballard
06 (50-54) Ara Papazian Ingrid Braun
05 (45-49) Jesse Foster Malissa Austin
04 (40-44) Mike Shklovski Leeann Lupo
03 (35-39) Phillips Armstrong Cherie Williams
02 (30-34)   Lauren Beckos
01 (18-29) Wolfgang Virostek  
2019 Summer Fun Nationals
2019 SFN Thank You
View from the start above the clouds of the Summer Fun Nationals GS on Mt. Hood.


The 2019 Summer Fun Nationals July 12-14, 2019 was a great way to wrap up the season (we were skiing on last year's snow), to start the new season (the U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership season starts May 1st), and to get outside for some skiing in July! Almost 100 racers ventured up to the Palmer Glacier on Mt. Hood for the 31st Annual Summer Fun Nationals. The Scroggins' family welcomed us again for the registration party on Friday and the traditions continued with barbecue dinner on Saturday and pool party on Sunday. Meri Stratton led the the charge coordinating the event, the volunteers, and the trailer full of equipment needed for a "pop-up" race on a glacier where no race infrastructure exists. 

WIlly Start SFN 2019 Awards Timberline Lodge Pool Party

Smiles were abundant with great weather, courses, and camaraderie. The view from the top is the first award earned by all before the race even starts. Competitors ranged in age from 7 to 81 years with 10 families in the running for the Eigenvector Fastest Family Award. Awards are earned within age class for most competitors and the top 10 men of the A/B race each day are pulled from their age classes to compete in a Super Seed. Don't be fooled into thinking the young guns dominate the Super Seed as there was a 45 year age range among the group!

Full results are below and will be up soon on
2019 SFN: GS A-B | 2019 SFN: GS C-D-Jr | 2019 SFN: SL A-B | 2019 SFN: SL C-D-Jr

Photos are posted at
Thanks to Brian for providing the great shots of our award winners below!


GS Super Seed / Junior GS Winners / SL Super Seed

Saturday GS Super Seed (photo credit: Brian W Robb) GS Junior GS Winners (photo credit: Brian W Robb) Skoch Cup Combine Super Seed Winners (photo credit: Brian W Robb)


Bob Skoch Cup Memorial Combined Winners

2019 Skoch Cup Combined Winners (photo credit: Brian W Robb)

Women Men Juniors   Super Seed
F10 Meri Stratton M12 David Britton FU19 Tatum Scroggins 1st M1 Minam Cravens
F9 Tracy Frankel M11 Knut Olberg MU19 Nils Streedain 2nd M1 Tucker Scroggins
F7 Sharon Weston M10 Gary Randall FU16 Charlotte Morris 3rd M7 Tim Hill
F2 Lauren Beckos M9 Michael Adams MU16 Owen Casey 4th M7 Ken Park
F1 Sarah Hampson M8 Franz Fuchsberger FU14 Mackenzie Meirowitz 5th M1 Curtis Hills
    M7 Andrew Vetterlein MU14 Jack Morris 6th M7 Willy Scroggins
    M6 Robert Feldman MU12 Matthew Kafka 7th M7 Mike Smith
    M5 Brian Bogatin MU8 Drake Masters      
    M4 John Beckos          
    M2 Jack Lunsford          
    M1 Brandon Wilson          






Putzi Cup

2019 Putzi Cup Winners (photo credit: Brian Robb)The fastest SL combined times.

Fastest SL Man: Minam Cravens (M1)

Fastest SL Woman: Charlotte Morris (FU16)






Eigenvector FastestFamily Award

Scroggins Eigenvector Fastest Family (photo credit: Brian Robb)

The Scroggins Family

(L to R)
Award Sponsor Barry Wise
Tucker Scroggins (M1)
Willy Scroggins (M7)
Tatum Scroggins (FU19)



Atomic Masters Skier of the Year

Barry Wise - Atomic Masters Skier of the Year (photo credit: Brian Robb)

Atomic Masters Skier of the year Barry Wise (M8). Thank you to Barry for his years of service to and participation in racing and Summer Fun Nationals. Barry is always up for any task needed to keep us all racing and having fun! Barry started the Eigenvector Fastest Family award to make the event even more fun for the whole family. 



2019 Phillips 66 National Championships

All 2019 Major Event Results


The U.S­­­­. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Masters had quite the week at the 2019 National Championships in Mammoth Mountain, CA. Masters racers participated in all 4 events, DH, SG, GS, and SL through all types of winter weather. Racers ranged in age from to 20 to 90 and came from all across North America. The weather, which was sunny and clear to start the week, later brought challenges via avalanche closures, wind, snow, and low visibility forcing scheduled adjustments and the cancellation of 2 of the 7 races. Not to be dismayed, racers made the most of the experience getting out for powder turns and spending the extra time catching up with friends over coffees and beers. 

On the final night we surprised Bill Skinner with a retirement gift from contributions from Masters racers across the county. Thank you for all the enthusiasm and effort you brought to masters racing and for keeping us all racing for the last 20 years! We look forward to many more years racing with you!
Bill Skinner Retirement Gift

Race photos by Susan Morning can be viewed and purchased - all photo purchases support the  Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation and local youth athletes.

DH        C/D SL (run 1)       A/B GS (run 1)        A/B GS (run 2)        A/B SL (run 1)

Congratulations to all the winners! Links to results and photos:

2019 Al Sise

2019 Masters Division's Cup

2019 NSS

2020 Spyder



2020 Masters Competition Guides and Posters

The 2020 Masters Posters and Competition Guides have been printed! Check in with your local division leaders to pick one up! Thanks to Sam Morse for being on this year's poster and the Masters will be cheering for you!

Thanks to Phillips 66, Jans, Fischer, and Leki for sponsoring masters and this year's poster!

2020 Masters Poster    2020 Competition Guide Cover

Where & How to Watch World Cup Racing

It can be a bit tricky to find out where/how to watch World Cup Racing. See the links below for tv viewing options and calendars of events.

When/where to watch NBC Sports via cable:
Where to Watch on U.S. Ski & Snowboard Website

See details of the Gold Pass which will have events live and on demand:
Details on Coverage, Cost, and How to Purchase Snow Pass (no cable subscription required)
Full list of events covered by the Snow Pass

Other online services offer access packages to many of the NBC Sports channels:
(see websites for specific details)
Hulu, DirectTV Now, SlingTV, YouTube TV

See full schedule and there's a link you can use to add the events to your digital calendar:
FIS Website Calendar

Printable PDF calendars of schedules: (for the tuning room, fridge, cube wall, bathroom mirror, etc)
Official FIS PDF Schedules MEN WOMEN
Schedule Also Listing Times of Events (can be printed as PDF with link at bottom of page)

Posted: October 1, 2019

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