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Make 2024 Your Year to Pursue a National Podium

By Lauren Beckos
November, 2 2023
2024 A Racer's Edge Masters National Championships Feb 5-10 at Granite Peak
Pursue the podium at the 2024 A Racer's Edge National Championships Feb 5-10 at Granite Peak in Wausau, Wisconsin

The 2024 A Racer’s Edge U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Masters National Championships will be held for the first time ever in the Central Division on February 5-10, 2024 at Granite Peak Ski Resort in Wausau, Wisconsin. The local resort and town are pulling out all the stops to make this an incredible and unforgettable event.

The 2024 National Championship includes a full week of racing with SG, GS, SL, and Parallel events. No qualifying requirements*–racers of all levels are welcome to compete in their age class. Discounted lift tickets and spectator-friendly finish areas will allow you to bring your full cheering squad. Social parties and awards nightly! Registration opens December 1st, 2023 at

* To be eligible to participate in National events, racers must hold a full U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Masters Membership which can be purchased at

National Championship Scoring

National Championship Age Class Combined

     The national age class Combined champions are awarded based on the lowest total race points accumulated by a competitor for the three events of SL, GS and SG at the national championships (triple-combined). Race points are calculated as the ratio of the competitor’s time to that of the winner in the competitor’s class, adjusted by a discipline-specific normalization factor set by the FIS which produces a time-based “closeness” ranking that can be compared across events.

     Because of the time-based scoring formula, competitors must finish all three events to be eligible for the combined. In the case of an event cancellation, the winners will be determined based on the events held.

Divisions Cup

     The Division’s Cup is awarded to the division with the best ratio of points scored per competitor starts for all races in the national championships. When the national championship DH or a 4th race is held as part of the national championships, it will be included in the Division’s Cup scoring.

     Divisions Cup points are awarded to the top 5 places in each age class (5 pts 1st, 4 pts 2nd, 3 pts 3rd, 2 pts 4th, 1 pt 5th). If a class has less than 5 competitors the points are scaled accordingly (e.g. a class with 3 competitors would award 3, 2, 1 points respectively).

     Division teams must consist of at least 10 competitors to be eligible.

National Masters Team

     The Nationals Masters Team is named each year from the national championships age class results, based on total points accumulated using the “Old World Cup” points scoring system. When the national championship DH or 4th race is held as part of the national championships, it will be included in the National Masters Team scoring.

     Scoring is based on highest total points accumulated in best 3 finishes from all applicable events. Competitors need not participate in or finish all events to be eligible. In the case of a tie, the tie is broken by best finish record using rank ordering of all finish positions (best finish result, then next best, until a finish position difference occurs). If there is still a tie, an additional tiebreaker adding race points from all applicable events in which all tied competitors finished is applied; lowest total wins.

     Competitors must have a current U.S. Ski & Snowboard alpine masters membership and be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for the National Masters team.

Looking for more National Competition?

Find information for all Masters Regional and National events at:

National Championship Downhill

     The 2024 A Racer's Edge National Championship DH will be held January 22-23 at Mammoth Mountain, CA. Mandatory DH training runs will be held on January 22nd followed by 2 DH races on January 23rd. The first race will be the National Championship and both will count toward the National Speed Series.

National Speed Series

     The National Speed Series awards are based on total points accumulated across all races in the series using the “Old World Cup” points scoring system. Age class awards are given to the top three finishers in each age class of the season-long series. Competitors must have at least three starts to be eligible for series awards.

     The overall Speed Series champions trophies are awarded to the overall fastest racer in each of three groups, based on the total points in all races of the series:
   Group A/B (men age 18-64)
   Group D (men age 65+)
   Group C (all women)


Does one have to qualify for the Nationals or is this open to anyone?

There are no qualification requirements for Nationals. It is open to any adult racer!

Do I need a US Ski & Snowboard Membership to race at Nationals?

To compete at US Alpine Masters Nationals, you must have a Full Season Masters license. Short-term licenses are not allowed for this event. To renew your license or create a new account to purchase a license, go to:

I’ve never attended a Nationals Championship event, only a Regional Championship. Are the Nationals run similar to the Regionals, just a bigger event with more people attending, and from further away?

That’s a pretty good summary, however, there are several differences from our Regionals, which are a Divisional (Central Division) event. Yes, more people will attend from all over the country, but we also organize the competition into Age Groups: A (Men in Age Classes 1-5), B (Men in Age Classes 6-8), C (all Women), and D (Men in Age Classes 9+). So, there are essentially 4 races at Nationals. You race against others in your Age Group. Beyond that, there are Overall Awards for Age Classes. You must race in a certain number of events to be considered for the Overall. There is also the highly coveted Divisions Cup award. For each Discipline, there are also medals given out by Age Class and Gender. The competitive spirit and excitement of the races along with social opportunities are bigger than Regionals. 

I probably wouldn't be able to participate the whole week, am I allowed to just sign up for 2 or 3 days of races?

Yes, you can attend as many events as you wish but know that this may impact your ability to qualify for the Overall Award for your Age Class. 

Did I read correctly that it runs from Tuesday to Saturday (no racing on Sunday)?

Yes, there is no racing on Sunday. Our final banquet is Saturday night and we traditionally leave Sunday as a travel day. 

Would I use my Regionals/Division bib or would this be a new bib?

We have separate bibs for Nationals that will be assigned to you, and you will return it after your last event. No need to bring your Regionals/Division bib. 

Where do I register?

You can register at