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Board of Directors

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Board of Directors leads the National Governing Body in the pursuit of the realization of its vision and the fulfillment of its mission, rather than managing the activities of the NGB in any particular area or on a day-to-day basis.  The Board ensures that the activities of the NGB are guided by clear strategic plans, organizational priorities, and program goals and objectives consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of the NGB.  The Board schedules four meetings yearly, including one annual in-person meeting in May, and three quarterly teleconferences.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Board of Directors

Chairman:  Kipp Nelson, Ketchum, ID (May 2027)

Vice Chair:  Steve Strandberg, San Francisco, CA (Foundation) (May 2026)

Jason Arens, Bend, OR (Freeskiing) (May 2028)

Liz Arky, Washington, DC (Foundation) (May 2025)

Frankki Bevins, Denver, CO (At-Large) (May 2028)

Tricia Byrnes, Lafayette, CO (Snowboarding) (May 2028)

Alex Deibold, Salt Lake City, UT (Snowboarding Athlete) (May 2025)

Alice McKinnis Duran, Minturn, CO (Alpine Athlete) (May 2028)

Brandon Gayle, San Antonio, TX (At-Large) (May 2026)

Karen Ghent, Edwards, CO (Alpine) (May 2026)

Jasper Good, Park City, UT (Jumping/Nordic Combined Athlete) (May 2026)

Ken Graham, Newtown Square, PA (Foundation) (May 2026)

Rick Kapala, Hailey, ID (Cross Country) (May 2026)

Nina Lussi, Zurich, CH (Jumping/Combined) (May 2027)

Troy Murphy, Park City, UT (Freestyle Athlete) (May 2025)

Mike Page, Park City, UT (Freestyle) (May 2028)

Kikkan Randall, Penticton, BC (Overall Athlete) (May 2026)

Henri Rivers, West Babylon, NY (Foundation) (May 2026)

Gus Schumacher, Anchorage, AK (Cross Country Athlete) (May 2028)

Steve Shafran, Sun Valley, ID (Foundation) (May 2028)

Laurie Stephens, Sun Valley, ID (Para Athlete) (May 2028)

Dune Thorne, Boston, MA (Foundation) (May 2026)

Maggie Voisin, Whitefish, MT (Freeskiing Athlete) (May 2028)

Andrew Weibrecht, Lake Placid, NY (USOPC Athletes' Advisory Council) (May 2025)

Chris Young, Cape Cod, MA (Para) (May 2028)



Dexter Paine, New York, NY (Immediate Past Chairman & USOPC Ranking Rep) (May 2026)

Emily Cook, Park City, UT (USOPC Athletes' Advisory Council - Alternate) (May 2025)

Sophie Goldschmidt, Park City, UT (President & CEO)

Brian Leach, New York, NY (Audit Chair) 

Kelly Pawlak, Lakewood, CO (National Ski Areas Association)

Nick Sargent, Park City, UT (SnowSports Industries America)

Hannah Kearney, Park City, UT (FIS) (May 2027)


- Revised 05/24