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Masters Events Header

Masters Events & Schedules

*Be sure to research travel restrictions for both your home location and the event location. Some have mandatory quarantine periods, testing requirements, and other COVID-19 related restrictions. Many international locations are currently inaccessible.

**We ask for your patience and hope to share schedules for all the divisions in the next few weeks. We continue to move forward with planning for the Regional and National events, but please be aware that due to the ongoing developments, venues and schedules are not final for any of the major events.

Regional, National, & International Events

Nearly 200 masters alpine races are held each season in all four disciplines DH, SG, GS, and DH are scheduled at 20+ resorts across the united states.

Trying to maximize the number of events you can with the season pass you already have? Check out this Season Pass Matrix!

Sign up for an event in your area or plan a trip you won't forget!

Curious about where events have been held in the past or want to reminisce about past events -- check out the RESULTS ARCHIVE, past Nationals and FIS event result packets, and searchable award spreadsheet!


FIS Masters Cup, Regional & National Events are Sponsored by: 

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2021 Phillips 66 National Speed Series

RegistrationMore Event Details & Results  

2021 National Speed Series Schedule

The 2021 Masters National Speed Series (NSS) will return to many of our favorite venues! Some venues have extra speed races in addition to the designated NSS races so be sure to check the full event details when registering.

Age class medals are awarded at each event and overall season belt buckles at the final event. The overall Speed Series champions trophies are awarded to the overall fastest racer in each of three groups:

  • Group A/B (men age 18-64)
  • Group D (men age 65+)
  • Group C (all women)

Event Sponsors:   Phillips 66 Wings Logo

2021 Booster Summer Fun Nationals

Mt. Hood will be back in action and so will the 2021 Summer Fun Nationals! Registration will open up late spring. In the meantime you can also checkout the Training Page to see what else Mt. Hood has to offer in the summer!


July 16-18, 2021

Combining training, racing and family the ultimate fun. With daily and weeklong training camps plus the opportunity to check out next season’s race equipment at the tech/demo centers in Government Camp, this is masters ski racing at its best! There are age classes for adults and juniors.

The weekend kicks off with a welcome party and racer check-in in Government Camp. Saturday starts early with a GS race followed by an BBQ/awards party with lots of food, beer, awards, and prizes. On Sunday there is a SL race followed by an awards party and swim at the Timberline pool. 


2021 Phillips 66 FIS Masters Cup/Western Region Championships
2021 FMC-WR Big Sky
February 5-7, 2021

A favorite venue for the larger masters events, previously hosting us for the 2018 FIS Masters World Criterium, Big Sky is excited to host the 2021 FIS Masters Cup/Western Regional Championships! The racing and the free-skiing are fantastic! Participation will be capped at 100 competitors.

Event ProgramRegistration is OPEN  More Event Details & Results     Lodging Link     

Lift Ticket Link  ***If you plan to use an IKON pass, reserve your days through the IKON website ASAP, Big Sky is limiting the number of IKON pass holders allowed per day. If no slots are currently available continue to check as availability may change.*** Anyone unable to get reservations will be able to purchase racer tickets and family tickets up through the day before each event day.

Big Sky Logo. Feb. 2     SL training (9am-12pm)
  Feb. 3     GS training (9am-12pm)
  Feb. 4     SG training (9am-12pm)/venue open to public in afternoon
  Feb. 5     2SG
  Feb. 6     2 one-run GS
  Feb. 7     SL

All U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters Members can compete, but a FIS Masters License is required for racers 30 years and older.

Check FIS Masters License Status     Renew/Add FIS Masters License

***If you have FIS Masters points, you MUST renew by January 28th to be on the current points list! If you renew after that date, you will not have points for start list seeding and will be placed in the unseeded group at the end of your age class.***

Event Sponsors: Phillips 66 Logo    


2021 Phillips 66 Masters Eastern Region Championships
2021 Eastern Region Championships West Mountain
February 12-14, 2021

We are excited to announce West Mountain as the location for the 2021 Eastern Regional Championships! This will be the third season in a row that the West Mountain has hosted a masters race. It has become a great partner venue for the Mid-Atlantic Masters and the Eastern race series. As with the FMC/Western Regionals, participation will be capped at 100 competitors.

Registration is OPEN  More Event Details & Results

West Mountain Logo  Feb. 12     2SG
  Feb. 13     GS
  Feb. 14     SL


Event Sponsors: Phillips 66 Logo  


2021 Phillips 66 Masters National Championships - CANCELED

2021 Nationals Sun Valley

The National Committee is sad to report that the 2021 Masters National Championships is officially cancelled. Sun Valley has decided that they are unable to host the event this year, as much uncertainty still remains with COVID and events. Considerable effort was made to put together a plan that would allow our championships event to be held following all applicable COVID guidelines, but unfortunately it is not to be this season. All divisions have training and racing planned over the next few months and we encourage you to enjoy those opportunities. We look forward to gathering as a National group in 2022.

Event Sponsors: Phillips 66 Logo        



All Divisions

2020-2021 Schedules for All Divisions 

Masters Division Map
    CLICK MAP for division information.

Race registration for most divisions can be done at: banner


FIS Masters

2020-2021 FIS Masters Calendar

USA Registrations

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To register for FIS Masters events email:


Alpine Canada Masters

Alpine Canada Masters Calendar

Alpine Canada National Championships & FIS Masters Cup
Stoneham Mountain Resort, QC
February 11-14, 2021


More Masters Links

New Zealand Masters (races July-Aug)


Thank You Masters Sponsors!

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