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2023 Booster Summer Fun Nationals Recap

By Lauren Beckos
July, 17 2023
Summer Fun Nationals Volunteers over the last 35 Years
Thanks to the dedicated Summer Fun Nationals volunteers that have supported the event for the last 35 years.

Well that's all folks! What a weekend it was for the 2023 Summer Fun Nationals Grand Finale! Running from 1989-2023, the Summer Fun Nationals was the highlight of the summer for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Masters. You could transition from boots to bikes to bikinis all in the same day!

The Summer Fun Nationals started 1989 under the leadership and grit of Meri Stratton. Throughout that time Knut Olberg, Joseph Mucci, Ann Ozuna, Dave Prochazka and Ollie Lajoie have been there for the whole ride putting in countless hours and immeasurable effort along the way. Organizing a race event requires a lot of moving pieces, equipment, and volunteers. Organizing a race on a glacier with no lodge, electricity, permanent race buildings or dedicated wiring is an amazing feat of organization and manpower. Race days start at 4am with snowcat loads of people and equipment and often end after midnight recharging batteries and replenishing supplies and packing crew lunches for the next day.  Then of course you can't overlook the social gatherings! Planning food, beverages and party space for 100+ people in a small town with few large gathering spaces and limited grocery and restaurant options requires a whole lot of advanced shopping, planning, and coordination!

Thanks to Meri, the crew, and all the racers that have supported the event over the years!

2024 Note: The Pacific Northwest Division is looking at taking over hosting the event for 2024. Stay tuned for more information and dates if it will be possible.