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Shiffrin Wins Second Day of Levi Slalom and 89th World Cup Win

By Sierra Ryder - Stifel U.S. Ski Team
November, 12 2023
Mikaela Shiffrin
Mikaela Shiffrin atop the podium in Levi, Finland. (Getty Images)

Stifel U.S. Alpine Ski Team athlete and winningest alpine skier of all time Mikaela Shiffrin won Sunday’s slalom in Levi, Finland. This marks Shiffrin's 89th World Cup win, along with her 54th slalom victory, 139th World Cup podium and seventh win in Levi - the most slalom wins at a single World Cup venue in history. 

“I am really happy with the victory,” said Shiffrin. “It proves that I have a good mindset to still fight so this means a lot.” 

The conditions were solid and consistent once again for all racers. Shiffrin ran bib two and immediately took the lead with clean and aggressive skiing, but Slovakia’s Petra Vlhova, and Saturday’s winner, blazed down to overtake the leaderboard chair with more than a half second advantage on run one. 

On the second run, a groove began to form towards the end of the flip, but Shiffrin skied smart and found herself in first. Vlhova was on track for another great day, gaining speed as she skied down the second run. She got caught towards the middle of her run and ultimately skied out.

"Petra really did a masterclass in slalom this weekend and in my mind she earned this victory but I did earn a podium so I am lucky and very happy with the victory," said Shiffrin.

Shiffrin took the victory, Croatia’s Leona Popovic second and Germany’s Lean Duerr in third to round out the podium. 

"It was a good weekend in the end with two wonderful races so I am very satisfied with it," said Shiffrin. 

Shiffrin Now Leads World Cup Slalom Wins at a Single Venue 

Shiffrin’s victory extended her World Cup win record to 89, and also gave her the most World Cup slalom wins at a single venue with seven wins (and seven reindeer) in Levi.

Stifel U.S. Alpine Ski Team teammate Paula Moltzan was having a good top section on her first run until she got held up in a hairpin and did not finish. AJ Hurt finished the first run in 53rd, Lila Lapanja in 58th and Dasha Romanov in 59th. They did not qualify for a second run. Zoe Zimmermann did not finish the first run. 

The tech women will now look to the Stifel Killington Cup on home soil for their next World Cup race, Nov. 25-26. 

The men’s speed team was scheduled to race Sunday in Zermatt-Cervinia, Switzerland but the race was unfortunately canceled due to weather. 

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