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Dasha Romanov headshot image

Dasha Romanov

  • Hometown
    Thornton, Colo.
  • Team
    Alpine C
  • Years on Team
    3 (since 2022)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
  • School:
    Sun Valley Community School
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Dasha Romanov first joined the Stifel U.S. Alpine Development Team for the 2021-22 season hailing from Thornton, Colo., but having skied for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.  Romanov had a very strong 22-23 season with multiple top five results in NorAm, finished second in the U.S. Alpine Championships slalom moving her up to the C Team.

In the 2023-24 season Romanov made her World Cup debut in Levi, Finland in the slalom discipline. 

When she's not on the mountain, she's biking, hiking, reading, doing aquatic activities, sleeping, backcountry skiing, skating, and creating art. 

Fun fact: her first language is Russian. 

"My favorite memory as a competitor so far was traveling to my first international was so cool to meet skiers from other countries and gain international exposure!"

6 Things You Didn't Know About Dasha Romanov

  • 1. Dasha's top three athletic accomplishments include: 1) third place overall at 2020 JR Nationals, 2) fourth place at 2021 Eldora FIS UNIVERSITY SL, and 3) fourth on the slalom portion of the U.S. Nationals alpine combined.
  • 2. When she's not on the mountain, she's biking, hiking, reading, doing aquatic activities, SLEEPING, backcountry skiing, skating, creating art.
  • 3. Dasha loves kale and her cat Stormy is "the best cat ever."
  • 4. Tina Maze is an athlete that Dasha looks up to because "I just remember watching her on TV racing and being so inspired to better myself as an all-around athlete."
  • 5. She speaks both Russian and English...but Russian was her first language!
  • 6. Her goals for the upcoming season include a top 10 NoraAm tech ranking and qualifying for World Juniors.

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