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Loughran Sixth in Aerials Ruka World Cup

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
December, 10 2021
Eric Loughran
Eric Loughran led the U.S. Aerial Freestyle Ski Team on Friday with a sixth-place finish at the FIS Aerials World Cup in Ruka, Finland. (FIS)

Eric Loughran led the U.S. with a sixth place finish in Friday’s FIS Aerials World Cup in Ruka, Finland, his tenth career top-six World Cup result. 

"The day was sweet," reflected Loughran on his result. "I landed every single jump going into Supers, which is pretty hard to do in our sport. I was on a roll there. Going into Super Finals knowing who was competing what, Bergy (Coach Eric Bergoust) and I decided to go for a bigger trick, a Full Full Double-Full. Unfortunately I went a little too big and had a crash."

Loughran stomped his Full Double-Full Full in the first finals round for a score of 121.24, qualifying him fourth position heading into the super final round. He reported feeling good in the air of his Full Full Double-Full in the Super Final, but came in too far back and didn’t stick the landing, earning a score of 87.78 for sixth place. "I'm going to need [that big] trick this year with how our sport has been progressing. In the Full Full Double-Full you come into a blind landing. It's one of the hardest tricks to land in our sport. I went for it. I stuck it [last season] in Kazakhstan but this one I had a little too much speed and went a bit big."

Russia’s Maxim Burov continued to dominate with his third-straight Aerials World Cup win. China went 2-3 with Zongyang Kia placing second and Guangpu Qi placing third. 

It was a tough day for the Americans with only two athletes qualifying to finals. Justin Schoenefeld joined Loughran in the first finals round. He went for a Full Double-Full Full but slapped back, earning a score of 79.65, and finished the day in 11th. Chris Lillis finished 18th. 

On the women’s side, Ukraine’s Anastasiya Novosad earned her first Aerials World Cup win. China’s Mengtao Xu came in second and Ukraine’s Olga Polyuk came in third. 

Ashley Caldwell finished 20th, Dani Loeb 23rd, Karenna Elliot 26th, Winter Vinecki 30th, Megan Nick 32nd and Kaila Kuhn 34th. 

Aerials competition continues Saturday with a one-jump World Cup followed by a Team event. 

Women’s Aerials
Men’s Aerials


*All times EST

Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021

3:40 a.m. FIS Freestyle World Cup Women’s Aerials - LIVE, Ruka, FIN, Streaming Peacock

3:15 a.m. FIS Freestyle World Cup Women's Aerials - LIVE, Ruka, FIN, Ski and Snowboard Live

6:15 a.m. FIS Freestyle World Cup Men's Aerials - LIVE, Ruka, FIN, Ski and Snowboard Live, Streaming Peacock

9:30 a.m. FIS Freestyle World Cup Mixed Team Aerials - LIVE, Ruka, FIN, Ski and Snowboard Live, Streaming Peacock

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