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Alpine Competition Officials Education Resources

Alpine Competition Officials Education Resources


Welcome to the 2023 Season and the opportunity to serve as an alpine official. We greatly appreciate your time, support, and leadership to make ski racing happen.

We are excited that during the 2023 season we return to in-person courses and certifications. We look forward to seeing everyone, where we can sit, discuss, and work on solving problems as a jury without unmuting our zoom call!

We look forward to bringing new officials into the track. To start down your officials track you will need to complete your membership requirements, complete the competition official’s certification via the pdf version or online version, and participate in an approved clinic followed by in an in-person exam. Not sure what officiating track you should travel down, then please reach out to your local Alpine Officials (AO) chair to discuss.

We will continue to provide the option of virtual attendance of the 2023 update and review, and our annual TD workshop.

Thank you for your time and we wish you the best in your upcoming season. If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Lucy Conklin


Alpine Officials Study Guides 2023 Season

Some links are disabled while new materials for the 2024 season are being developed.

Following are study guides to help you prepare for the various alpine official's certification clinics. Study guides are not a replacement for actual clinic attendance but are provided to enhance your education. These documents have been updated for the 2023 season.

Download all of the study guides as one zip file or download the individual study guides below.

Download a zip file of the miscellaneous study guide forms.  

  • Chief of Course
  • Chief of Race
  • Competition Official
  • Race Administration
    • Section 1: Race Result Software
    • Section 2: Event Administration
  • ​Referee
  • Timing and Calculations 1
  • Timing and Calculations 3

Download a zip file of the PowerPoint presentations.

Alpine Officials Manual Season 2023

Alpine Officials Manual 2023 Season

Some links are disabled while new materials for the 2024 season are being developed.

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Officials Education Working Group has assembled a comprehensive manual for alpine officials. This manual is a guide to race organization, the rules, and duties of officials, timing and calculations, and other subject areas important to alpine officials throughout the country.

It is intended to be as thorough as possible with updates and revisions produced as necessary. However, it is not meant to be a step-by-step ‘cookbook’ with definitive procedures for every race situation. 

Download all of the Alpine Officials Manual as one zip file or download the individual study chapters below:

  • Objectives
  • Chapter 1- Introduction and Overview
  • Chapter 2 - Superstructure of Ski Racing
  • Chapter 3 - Rules, Jury, TD
  • Chapter 4 - Race Organization
  • Chapter 5 - Secretariat
  • Chapter 6 - Working Papers
  • Chapter 7 - Race Course
  • Chapter 8 - Gate Judge
  • Chapter 9 - Timing and Calculations
  • Chapter 10 - Coaches
  • Chapter 11 - Alpine Officials Program
  • Chapter 12 - Computers & Ski Racing
  • Bibliography
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TD Applicant Review
Including Competition Administration Summary