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Off-Season With U.S. Ski & Snowboard - Hailey Langland

By Andrew Gauthier
May, 20 2019
Hailey Langland at X Games
Hailey Langland at the 2019 X Games in Aspen, Colo. (ESPN Images - Gabriel Christus)

As a very successful competition season comes to a close, U.S. Ski & Snowboard athletes take to the off-season, each with their own unique programs. In a three-part series, we caught up with Olympian and X Games freeski gold medalist Maggie Voisin (Whitefish, Mont.) and teammates Toby Miller (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.) and Hailey Langland (San Clemente, Calif.) from the U.S. Snowboard Pro Team to find out how they will mentally and physically regroup for the season to come. Whether battling back from injuries, an inevitable part of performing at the highest level of action sports, or tackling hobbies that are simply impossible to participate in when traveling across the world to compete, every rider has a different outlook on what is the most beneficial approach to their time off snow.

To close out the series, we have, Hailey Langland who takes us through her plans for the summer ahead.

U.S. Snowboard Pro Team – Hailey Langland

Despite recovering from a shoulder injury, Langland was still able to achieve a milestone that most freeski and snowboard athletes only dream of, an X Games medal. Her smart riding, smooth style and effortless landings earned Langland her third X Games podium with a silver medal in January 2019. Immediately following the competition, a thrilled Langland shared her thoughts on her success.

“I kept forgetting that I was still coming back from an from injury. The only thing I wanted to do was have fun and get some old tricks back on a course that I really liked. I ended up having the best practice I had had in a long time and went on to land both of my first two runs. I was so overjoyed. I realized we are at X Games and we can’t really leave anything behind. With all the girls throwing down, I decided to step up my run and it paid off miraculously. I accomplished way more than I thought I would accomplish, so I am extremely happy.”

As Langland mentioned and much like Voisin, she is also focused on rehabbing throughout her summer from an injury suffered in the Tahoe backcountry which required a Bankart and Hill-Sachs repair on her right shoulder, but that will not slow her down at all. She still plans on embracing her time off snow to the best of her ability. A typical Summer where Langland is healthy would look a bit different and would be full of activities.

“When I'm home in the off-season, I always try to go outside for at least a few hours,” said Langland. Whether I walk, bike, or surf. Spending time outside in the sun is very important to me.”

However, she may just be able to sneak in that valuable time in the sun before the snow starts falling again and her window closes.

“Unfortunately, this summer I will spend most of it rehabbing my shoulder again,” she said. “But I am planning on snowboarding down in New Zealand in August, and hopefully get to do some surf trips before the summer is over.”

There’s no doubt that Langland’s thirst to get back on snow and in the water will fuel her rehab. Langland’s love for surfing is more than just recreational, it’s about the challenge and the variables you need to overcome.

“I love to surf,” she said. “I'll go everyday if I can. I love it so much because of how challenging it is after snowboarding all winter long. they're so many different aspects to it. Not only do you have to be physically strong to do it, but you also have to think about wave selection.”

In this off-season series, we discovered many differences between Miller, Voisin, and Langland. However, one thing that remained true for all three U.S. Ski & Snowboard stars is the fact that spending time with loved one’s reigns supreme. For anyone that believes professional athletes are in the clouds or lose touch with the important things in life, think twice, as these athletes have their priorities straight.

“My first priority is always to spend time at home with my family and friends,” Langland said. “When you are competing all winter, it’s so refreshing to spend time with the people you love.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to follow Langland through her year-round snowboarding journey on social media (see accounts below). She will be working hard with goals to both enjoy the end of her summer, but also get back on snow in shape and ready to ride come the start of the competition season. With Langland finding success in the midst of her rehab, we can only imagine what she’s capable of when she is at 100%!

That’s our insight into what one of U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s premier athletes will be up to this summer. If you aren’t already following Maggie Voisin and Toby Miller, check out the links and follow their adventures throughout the off-season.

Instagram: @haileylangland
Twitter: @yung_hails

Instagram:  @tobymiller
Twitter: @itstobymiller

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