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Jessie Diggins Featured on 261 Fearless Voices

By Megan Harrod
July, 2 2018
Jessie Diggins 261 Fearless Voices

Olympic champion Jessie Diggins (Afton, Minn.) was featured on 261 Fearless Voices, presented by our partner Bose - the podcast dedicated to fearless women around the world. In this podcast, she talks all things fearless -from adrenaline-filled adventures like cliff jumping and sky diving. 

She opens the podcast by describing herself, "...I am a very bubbly person. I have a lot of energy, which is sometimes a little bit borderline annoying to the people around me. I love to do a lot of adrenaline-filled things. And because I rollerski a lot, I have nice little scars all over my knees from scraping myself up and falling out of trees as a kid - and just generally getting into all sorts of trouble."

Make sure to give it a listen, as Diggins offers insight into the life of an Olympic athlete, describes how being fearless can leave you vulnerable and why celebrating other's success is so important.

Check out the full story on the 261 Fearless SoundCloud