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Snowboardcross header

U.S. Snowboardcross Coach

Position Summary

The SBX Coach supports and reports to the Head Coach.  This individual is to work with the Head Coach in all aspects of the program including technical coaching and overall program support.  The SBX Coach is expected to be proficient in all coaching methods and work closely with the SBX Head Coach implementing those methods within the program. Additionally, the SBX Coach is to support the staffing and leadership philosophies of the SBX Head coach.  This individual will be directly involved with all team training sessions, including off-snow programming.  The SBX Coach will be directly involved with the planning of team training programs, and actively direct the SBX training within the context of the overall program.


The SBX Coach will; develop the fundamental SBX skills and competencies required of each team athlete to compete successfully in Olympic and World championship SBX competition.  Prepare a detailed snowboarding preparation plan for each athlete, orchestrating conditioning programs, technique analysis, mental preparation, equipment preparation, in the context of the overall training program. In addition, the SBX Coach will also participate in the planning and implementing of the physical training and testing programs.

The SBX Coach is expected to participate in the national coaches’ education system by sharing insights and information from their knowledge base. This will be done by being engaged in U.S. Ski & Snowboard SBX education efforts, including clinics and material development, and cooperation with the SBX Sport Development Manager. The SBX Coach will participate in Sport Development projects such as NorAms, Jr. Worlds and other club engagement activities as World Cup scheduling and elite program projects allow.

The SBX Coach must continue their education about the sport at a high level by; studying team training plans, systems of monitoring and peaking, staff management at camps and competitions, attending seminars and planning meetings when available, and establishing a professional relationship with coaches from foreign national teams. 

  • Team Leadership and Management
    • The SBX Coach strives to support a positive environment for the athletes and coaches
    • The SBX Coach is knowledgeable and involved in the specific details of the programs including specific training strategies, responsibilities, individual athlete performance goals and strategies to establish these goals. 
    • The SBX Coach must anticipate and plan for changes in the disciplines and work closely with the Head Coach devise new strategies for addressing these changes
    • The SBX Coach should collaborate with the Head Coach to establish an elite performance model.  This model will be used to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the program and the athletes and will drive the activities and initiatives for the program
    • The SBX Coach, in collaboration with the Head Coach, to establish the expectations of athletes and technicians in adhering to the rules of conduct and expectations of character associated with team membership. 
    • Support the SBX Head Coach in the management and direction of the Wax Technicians and wax/equipment testing program. Facilitating communication between the technicians, staff and athletes and coordinating record keeping of testing procedures and results.


  • Collaborate with SBX Sport Development Manager
    • Communicate directly and regularly with SBX Sport Development Manager to learn of and appraise plans, changes to plans and deal with other issues as necessary
    • Assist with the long-term direction of SBX in the US.
    • Assist with management f FIS issues and international direction of the sport, including tracking and evaluating what other programs are doing and how it might affect ours.
    • Assist with Development and Domestic issues


  • Work proactively with other departments, as needed, to support Foundation, PR, Event, and Marketing activities around SBX and the athletes.  

Elite Team

  • Participate in establishing and executing an annual and five-year athletic plan that provides for winning at every level. 
  • Support the Head Coach in developing a program for the athletes and staff to achieve the highest goals possible personally and professionally and in a manner that has integrity, with a focus on performance and sportsmanship
  • Team Selection and Criteria – in collaboration with Head Coach establish a philosophy and detailed procedure for selecting teams at the following levels:
    • National Team
    • Olympic Winter Games
    • World Championships
    • Junior World Championships

Within this process, be familiar with rules and procedures governing team selection and ensure that these are incorporated into the selection criteria and followed in the selection process

  • Support the Head Coach and athletes in representing program and the sport overall
  • Work with medical, as directed by Head Coach, on the coordination of any athletes PT and doctor support at all preparation and competition projects. Follow the policies and procedures for dealing with athlete injury and rehabilitation
  • Adhere to essential business directives as set forth by the Chief Financial Officer.  This includes timely, accurate and ethical expense reporting, accurate budget planning, staying within the budget allocated for specific projects, and exercising foresight regarding changes of plans, contingencies, etc.

Reports to:  Snowboardcross Head Coach

U.S. Ski & Snowboard is an equal opportunity employer

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by completing the U.S. Ski & Snowboard employment application (refer to the References Section on the right), attaching a cover letter and/or résumé and submitting via the online employment application.

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