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Rocky-Central Region Governance

Rocky-Central Region Governance

The Rocky/Central Alpine Competition Committee (ACC) is the governing body for the Region. Regional selections procedures, championship events, regional development programs, and regional scheduling are designed and approved by the Rocky/Central ACC.  Regional development programs are designed to assist the top athletes in the region at each age level.

Rocky/Central Alpine Competition Committee

Chair -Central: John Manderfield 
Vice-Chair Rocky: Alice Black
Jeff Dekko - Central
Joe Paul - Central
Bill Slattery - Central
Don Stellin - Central
Jon Nolting - Rocky

Mike Bowman - Rocky
Kristina Revello - Rocky
Stefan Hughes - Rocky


Rocky Mountain Division Governance


President: Roger Perricone
Vice-President: Kevin Ward
Secretary: Erika Ghent  
Treasurer: Chris Hoss
Alpine Director: Olin Armstrong
Alpine Director: Jeff Burrows
Alpine Director: John McMurtry
Freestyle Director: Adam Lesuer
JN Combined Director: Larry Glueck
At-Large Director: Tom Talbot 
At-Large Director: TBA
RMSRO Representative: Esther DelliQuadri
Colorado Ski Education Foundation: TBA
Colorado Ski Industry Representative: TBA

Rocky Mountain Division Alpine Competition Committee

Chairman: Mike Bowman
Vice-Chair: Lisa Perricone
Treasurer: Mike Trueblood
Secretary: Chelsea Lynch
Youth and Children: Alice Black
Youth Ski League:
 Preston Kelsey
Ability: Dan Stripp
Athlete Representative: Stefan Hughes
Athlete Representative: Erika Ghent
Athlete Representative: Ryan Wilson
Southern Series: Davis Boyer
RMSRO: Ken Gay
Parent Committee: Jeff Maddex
At-Large: Terry DelliQuadri
At-Large: Karen Ghent

Rocky Mountain Division Youth And Children's Committee - U14 And Younger

Chairman: Alice Black
YSL Committee Chair: Preston Kelsey
C.B. Bechtel 
Julie Pierce 
Matt Tomasko 
Southern Series Rep: Davis Boyer
Chuck Roth 
Athlete Rep: Erik Gilbert
YSL Rep: Jeff Maddex

Rocky Mountain Division Ability Committee - U16 And Older

Chairman: Dan Stripp
Conditioning Committee Co-Chair: John McBride
Ben Brown 
Southern Series Rep: Davis Boyer
Max Lamb 
Athlete Rep: Lisa Perricone
Conditioning Committee Co-Chair: Chelsea Lynch
Gunnar Sorensen 

Rocky Mountain Division YSL Committee

Chairman: Preston Kelsey
Vice - Chair: Teresa De Silva
Age Class Chair: Alice Black
Age Class Rep: Chuck Roth  
One vote per member Club in attendance

Central Division Alpine Sport Committee

The Central Division Alpine Sport Committee (CASC) provides overall policy guidance to the alpine program.  The committee meets at least twice annually.  Each region is represented by at least one professional working coach and one athlete.   Volunteers, coaches, or athletes interested in being appointed to the CASC should work through their regional committees.  The CASC Chairman is named based on the nomination and vote of the CASC committee.  The CASC members are:

Chairman: John Manderfield
Vice Chairman: Don Stellin
Treasurer: Tom Barnes
Region 1: Dan Donovan, Jeff Dekko, Tony Olin, Jake Lund
Region 2: Eric Gee, Eric Seaborg, Sydney Koop, Jonathan Manderfield
Region 3: Don Stellin, Joe Kosik, Dan Janowiak, Christian Stellin
Region 4: Duffy Carto, Forrest Gibson, Jens Sutmoller, tba
Ex-officio: Dave Waller
At-Large: Bill Slattery
Coaches Chair: Joe Paul
Officials Chair: Ted Lockwood

During the season, situations may occur which necessitate a policy decision.  In such an instance, the executive committee, consisting of one member per region and the president, will vote on policy issues.

Central Division Officials Committee

The Central Officials Committee is the body that will review and make decisions on officials advancements

John Manderfield
Gretchen Ransom
Brewster McVicker

Rocky/Central Alpine Competition Committee Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes


The Rocky/Central Alpine Competition Committee meets twice a year once during the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Congress Spring meetings and a second time in the fall.

Rocky Mountain Division Governance Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes

The Rocky Mountain Division meets twice a year.

Central Division Governance Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes

The CASC board meets twice a year, Spring Meetings in April, Fall Meetings in October. Check the Calendar and link below for more info.