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Central Division Alpine Projects

Rocky-Central Alpine Projects

Purpose Statement:
To produce the best alpine ski racers in the world at the developmental, sub-national team level by offering complementary cooperative training with Tri-Regional, Rocky/Central Regional, RMD & Central Divisional and club training programs/plans.

1. To assist management, athletic training, and competition performance programs of the top R/C Regional Athletes.
2. To establish and conduct an athlete talent detection and development system that tracks and measures the performance and performance characteristics of top regional racers at various chronological points in their ski racing development.
3. To contribute as productively, professionally, and fully possible in the achievement of the US Ski & Snowboard Mission of being the best nation in ski competition in the world.


R/C Regional, RMD, & Central Division Projects

National projects can be found here

Oct 26-30, 2018 - Copper Mountain, CO - RC Men's FIS Camp
Selection: RC athletes selected for December National Speed Project

Early season pace and race simulation camp for early years FIS athletes. Looking to build the foundation for athletes and coaches involved in the NPS series. Athletes should have completed a fairly high volume of skiing in the summer months prior to this camp. Lane space training at Copper will limit the amount of freeskiing space, therefore everyone must be ready to train in full-length race simulated environments.

Oct 30-Nov 4, 2018 - Copper Mountain, CO - Central GS Camp
Selection: Central All-Stars/Team Central Athletes

Bringing some of our top Central athletes together to push the culture and dynamic forward. Working on building foundation, balance, and strength in a GS environment, while pushing the workload. Not all athletes will have had enough off-season training, so utilizing what little free ski space is available at Loveland, A-Basin, and Copper to supplement the lane space training doing drill work and adding volume.

Nov 10-12, 2018 - Copper Mountain, CO - RC U16 Camp
Selection: 2003 YOB U16 Nationals Attendees
                 2004 YOB U14 RCJC Podium Athletes

2 Sessions each day. One Freeskiing session, one gate training session. Coaches will lead drill progressions in the free ski environment. Training courses will focus on adaptability and tactical components.

Nov 30 - Dec 2 - Copper Mountain, CO - RC U16 Speed Camp
Two days of speed elements and SG training on the Copper Speed Venue, followed by one day of course slipping for U16 athletes on the Birds of Prey GS.

Dec 1-2, Copper Mountain, CO - RMD U14 Speed Camp
The first day of camp will be spent slipping the Birds of Prey DH track in Beaver Creek, Sunday the group is on the Copper Speed Venue training speed elements.

Dec 8-9, Copper Mountain, CO - RMD U12/U14 SkillsQuest Camp
The focus of the camp will be two days of fundamental and freeskiing. There will be one night of lodging at the camp. RMD Team athletes and one wild card athlete per club.

Dec 15-16, 2018 - Nubs Nob, MI - CR3 SkillsQuest Camp
To bring together the U10-U14 R3 athletes for a FUN skiing, skills, and fundamentals afternoon training opportunity.

Dec 27-28, 2018 - Mt. Ripley, MI - GS Skills Camp
Followed by two days of Scored GS races, we will spend two days working through GS fundamentals, technical and tactical challenges, as well as gearing up for some high-speed gate training and taking advantage of some of the better GS terrain offered in the Midwest.

Coaches who are planning on attending, please register here.

Jan 27, 2019 - Sunburst, WI - CR2 SkillsQuest Camp
Working with our R/C Youth Development Coordinator - Anje Worrell - and other club coaches, the goal is to bring together the U10-U14 Region 2 athletes for a group training environment focused on FUN, skiing, skills, and fundamentals.

**Coaches - Please Register HERE so Anje can better prepare. 

Feb 1-3, 2019 - Indianhead, MI - Central Speed Camp
2 days of practicing and implementing the important aspects of speed training, while incorporating a National Scored Race into the third day of camp utilizing many of the same environments seen in training. 

**Coaches - Please Register HERE

Feb 16, 2019 - Afton Alps, MN - CR1 SkillsQuest Camp
During the Paul Augustine Weekend, on Saturday, a full-day SkillsQuest Extravaganza

**Coaches - Please Register HERE

April 6-7, 2019 - Granite Peak, Wausau, WI - Central Skills & Thrills Camp
Wrapping up the season by coming back to the basics in our skiing so we can refresh our skills as we depart from one season and look towards the next.

**Coaches - Please Register HERE

April 13-14, 2019 - Copper Mountain, CO - RMD U12/U14 SkillsQuest Camp
The focus of the camp will be two days of fundamental and freeskiing. There will be one night of lodging at the camp and an afternoon spent at the Woodward Center.

May 8-12, 2019 - A-Basin & Winter Park - R/C Freeski & GS Training Camp

May 24-27, 2019 - A-Basin, CO - R/C SkillsQuest Camp
Take advantage of a lot of the open terrain and mix it up with the athletes and coaches from the region to work on free-skiing drills, as well as having a chance to ski all over the mountain. It’s a great way to stay fresh, especially for those who may be thinking about Summer skiing at Hood. 

Camp Selections
Upcoming U16 – ’04 and '05 YOB; U14 – ’06 and ’07 YOB
RMD – RMD Team athletes are automatically invited and each club can nominate one male
and one female wild card to be invited
Central – Central U16 and U14 Junior Championship qualifier


July 30-Aug 4, 2019 - Mt. Hood, OR - RC U16/U18 SL Fundamentals Camp

Aug 3-7, 2019 - Mt Hood, OR - RC U14 SL Fundamentals Camp

Aug 8-24, 2019 - Chile - R/C U16/U18 SG and GS Camp



Rocky/Central Regional Projects

Regional contacts for camps

Rocky/Central Development Coach, Ian Dunlop  435.714.8720
Rocky/Central Development Director, Darlene Nolting  435.640.8510
Rocky/Central Youth Coordinator, Anje Worrell 435.602.0658
Central Division Manager, Eric Cates 608.512.7327