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Western Region Intents

Western Region Intents

This page is for Athlete Representatives in the Eastern, Rocky/Central, Alaska, Intermountain, Northern and Pacific Northwest Divisions.

Below are links to the intent forms for each of the Western FIS races. To submit an intent for your athlete, please click the event link and complete the form. Be sure to check the deadline calendar at the bottom of the page as late entries will not be accepted.

Please contact your respective regions for entry procedures to Western FIS events.

* Prior to submitting your first Intend, please click the Coaches Alpine Intents Registration in the Resources section, even if you have registered before. We are compiling a new Coaches list for the 2018 season. After registering, please view the 2018 List of Registered Coaches for Alpine Intents to double-check that your name is on the list.

Dec 11-14, 2017 Open FIS Mission Ridge M&W 3SL/2GS - Closed View Intents
Dec 10-13, 2017 Open FIS Snow King M&W 3SL/2GS -Closed View Intents
Jan 18-19, 2018 Open FIS Snowbasin M&W 2SG - Changed to GS races View Intents
Jan 20-23, 2018 Elite FIS Snowbird/Park City M&W 2SL/2GS - Closed View Intents
Jan 30-Feb 4, 2018 Open FIS Schweitzer M&W 2DH/2SG - Closed View Intents
Feb 16-21, 2018 Elite FIS Snowking M&W 2SL/2GS -Closed View Intents
Mar 13-18, 2018 Western Region Junior Champs Schweitzer 2SG/2GS/2SL change from Alpine Meadows - Closed View Intents
Mar 22-25, 2018 Open FIS Snowbird M&W 3SL/2GS View Intents
Mar 26-29, 2018 Open FIS Squaw Valley 3SL/2GS-Cancelled View Intents
Apr 2-5, 2018 Elite FIS Mammoth 2SL/2GS - Closed View Intents
Apr 7-12, 2018 Open FIS Bachelor 2DH/2SG - Closed View Intents
Western FIS Calendar and Intent Deadlines

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2017-18 FIS Calendar of U.S. Events.

Regional Contact

Western Alpine Program Manager