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Canadian Intents

Canadian Intents

This page is for coaches and representatives of USA athletes

SafeSport policies require only registered U.S. Ski & Snowboard coaches who have passed criminal background screening and are current in SafeSport education are eligible to manage U.S. athletes. To register as a U.S. Ski & Snowboard coach, please visit our membership page.  Additionally, please complete the Coaches Registration Form with your updated contact information for season 2022-23, in case we need to contact you.


Below are links to the intent forms for each of the Canadian races for the 2022-2023 season.

Intents open the first of the month preceding the month of the race, e.g. all Dec races open Nov 1.

To submit a registration for your athlete, please click on the event link and complete the google form. The registration deadline is 21 days before the first team captains' meeting at 5pm in the region in which it's managed.  The confirm/pull deadline is 16 days before the first team captains' meeting at 5pm in the region in which it's managed.

Races in AB, BC, and YT are handled by the WESTERN Region Manager, Heidi Voelker.

Races in QC and ON are handled by the EASTERN Region Manager, Paige Roberts.


Event Reg. Deadline Confirm Deadline  
Sun Peaks, BC Nov 17-18, 2022 W&M 2GS, 2SL Oct 26 Nov 1 View Intents
Mount Sima, YT Nov 18-19, 2022 W&M GS, SL Oct 27 Nov 2 View Intents
Mont Edouard, QC Dec 1-4, 2022 W&M 2GS, 2SL Nov 9 Nov 14 View Intents
Mount Norquay, AB Dec 6-7, 2022 W&M 2SL Nov 14 Nov 19 View Intents
Val St-Come,QC Dec 17-18, 2022 W&M 2SL Nov 25 Nov 30 View Intents
Panorama, BC Dec 19-22, 2022 W&M 2GS, 2SL Nov 27 Dec 2 View Intents
Mont Saint-Sauveur & Tremblant, QC Dec 20-23 W&M SL & GS Nov 28 Dec 3 View Intents
Mount St Louise Moonstone - Jan. 3-4, 2023 M&W SL Dec. 12 Dec. 17 View Intents
Osler Bluff - Jan. 5-6, 2023 M&W ENL GS Dec. 14 Dec. 19 View Intents
Mount Norquay, AB - Jan. 12-15, 2023 M&W GS&SL Dec. 21 Dec. 26 View Intents
Kimberley Ski Resort, BC - Jan. 26-Feb. 1 Jan. 4 Jan. 9 View Intents
Camp Fortune/Mont Ste-Marie, QC - Jan. 28-31 M & W GS&SL Jan. 6 Jan. 11 View Intents
Nakiska - Feb. 6-9 M&W NJR GS&SG Jan. 13 Jan. 18 View Intents
Georgian Peaks/Devils Glen - Feb. 13-16 M&W GS&SL Jan. 22 Jan. 27 View Intents
Mont La Reserve/Mont Garceau - Feb. 20-23 - M&W GS&SL Jan. 29 Feb. 3 View Intents
Whistler, BC - Feb. 22-28 Jan. 31 Feb. 5 View Intents
Bromont/Owls HEad - Mar. 9-12 - M&W SL&GS Feb. 15 Feb, 20 View Intents
Devils Glen/Georgian Peaks - Mar. 11-15 - M&W SL/PSL/GS Feb. 17 Feb. 22 View Intents
Kimberley, BC - Mar. 13-17 - M&W GS/SL/SG Feb. 19 Feb. 24 View Intents
Mount St Louis Moonstone - Mar. 16-17 - M&W SL Feb. 22 Feb. 27 View Intents
Le Relais/Stoneham, QC - Apr. 1-4 - M&W SL&GS Mar. 10 Mar. 15 View Intents
Panorama - Apr. 3-7 - M&W SG/GS/SL March 12 March 17 View Intents
Nakiska - Apr. 13-17 - M&W GS&SL March 22 March 27 View Intents
Mont Edouard - Apr. 22-23 - M&W GS&SL Mar. 31 Apr. 5 View Intents
Sun Peaks - Apr. 22-23 - M&W GS&SL March 31 April 5 View Intents
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2021-2022 Canadian FIS Alpine Racing Calendar

Race Announcements


Regional Contacts

Eastern Alpine Program Manager
Paige Roberts
435.714.1281  Cell

Western Alpine Program Manager
Heidi Voelker
435.513-3321  Cell

Central Alpine Program Manager
Patrick Mich
435.602.2614  Cell