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Snowboarding Pipeline Header

Snowboard Pipeline

The snowboard pipeline starts with finding a local/regional US Ski & Snowboard club or USASA event series where aspiring athletes are introduced to coaches and officials who are knowledgeable about the skills and steps an athlete will master as they travel through the development pipeline. Athletes begin their competitive career with USASA events then progress on to the Revolution Tour where they can qualify for elite level competition – including the Grand Prix, World Cups, and the Olympic Winter Games. USASA is the largest snowboard community in the world and the first step in the Olympic pipeline. With 500+ events nationwide and 32 series across the country, USASA provides athletes all over the nation an opportunity to start their journey to the top. Every year these events culminate at USASA Nationals – where some of U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s biggest stars have left their mark. In 2013 Chloe Kim was the USASA National Halfpipe Open Class Champion. Chloe went on to win a gold in halfpipe at the Youth Olympic Games in 2016, then bested that with a Gold medal in halfpipe at the PyeongChang Olympic Games, leading the charge as the future of women’s snowboarding.

Are you looking for a club or coach? Find a US Ski & Snowboard club here. Not a member of USASA? Sign up HERE today or visit for more information. 

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Visual explanation of the USASA & U.S. Ski & Snowboard Pipeline