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High Performance Education

The High Performance Department at U.S. Ski & Snowboard provides educational opportunities each year including:

The Medical Emergencies in Skiing & Snowboarding (MESS) for Physicians (Winter Course)

The Medical Emergencies in Skiing & Snowboarding (MESS) for  PT/ATs Spring 2024

The High Performance Symposium: Dates pending for 2024

The symposium will be based around the discussion of how to implement new and innovative methods to inform your current practices in your unique daily training environment, whether it is in snowsports or not! This won’t be sitting through long presentations, the presentations will be short, with extended discussion and Q&A to dive deeper into the presenter’s expertise. 

The symposium is open to all practitioners open to learning but geared toward athletic development (strength and conditioning) coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, sport scientists, and sport coaches. Again, this it is not solely for snowsports, we invite anyone involved in sport at all ages and levels to participate.