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Freestyle NorAm Criteria

NorAm Cup

The NorAm Cup is one of six Continental Cups (Europe, Australian, and New Zealand, South America, Far East). The NorAm Cup is a FIS series of events hosted in the U.S. and Canada and is considered a stepping stone to the World Cup circuit. 

NorAm Start Group Criteria

1. U.S. Team athletes

2. Top 5 U.S. athletes from the previous season’s NorAm Cup standings 

3. Top 5 U.S. athletes from the current season’s FIS Base Points List - not already qualified via criteria 1-2. 

4. Any athlete with a World Cup start in the previous season. 

Please note the following: 

  • NorAm Start Group athletes will be named in a timely manner once the U.S. Team nomination process is complete in the spring. 
  • The NorAm Start Group list of athletes will be published on the U.S. Ski and Snowboard website.
  • Athletes who qualify for the NorAm Start Group must contact the Freestyle Office by Sept 1 of the competition season to accept spot.
  • No additional athletes will be named to the NorAm Start Group if a NorAm Start Group athlete declines for any reason. 
  • If a NorAm Start Group athlete is injured and unable to compete in the U.S. Selection Events, the athlete must provide all medical documentation stating that they are unable to compete. Once medically cleared to compete, he/she would retain NorAm Start Group status. 
  • NorAm Start Group athletes will lose status if they do not compete in all event days in the U.S. Selection Events. 

NorAM Tour Pre-Season Qualification Criteria - to be updated per 2023 Congress Meetings. 

5. Athletes ranked in the top 40 of the Grand Prix List (GPL) will be named to any remaining U.S. Basic Nation quota spots after criteria 1-4 in the NorAm Start Group section (up to a total of 25 spots per gender - see NAC rule 10.3).

Please note: The Grand Prix List (GPL) will represent a ranking of the U.S. athletes utilizing the best two single mogul events and best one dual moguls event from the U.S. National Championships and U.S. Selection Events using place points. Foreign athletes will be excluded from the place point tally at both the U.S. National Championships and the U.S. Selection Events. If there are not at least two dual mogul events, the best three single mogul events may be used. Ties will be broken by the best finish, then the second-best finish, then the third-best finish. If a tie still exists, the best finish from the U.S. Selection Events will break the tie.

NorAM Tour In-Season Qualification Criteria  

6. Athletes ranked in the top 40 of the GPL will be named to any remaining Basic Nation quota spots.

7. Any remaining Basic Nation, Foreign or Unused Host Nation starts in the U.S. NorAM events will be filled using the FFSP and the “FFSP Schedule for NorAm Starts.”


2023/24 NorAm Start Group Athletes

Athletes must accept NorAm Start Group status by emailing by September 1st of the competition season.


  • Anabel Ayad
  • August Davis
  • Olivia Giaccio
  • Kasey Hogg
  • Tess Johnson
  • Kylie Kariotis
  • Jaelin Kauf
  • Elizabeth Lemley
  • Alli Macuga
  • Kai Owens
  • LuLu Shaffer
  • Skylar Slettene
  • Hannah Soar
  • Sami Worthington


  • Peyton Billeisen
  • Dylan Marcellini
  • Garrett Marley
  • Cole McDonald
  • Charlie Mickel
  • Nick Page
  • Jack Petrone
  • Ryan Tam
  • Dylan Walczyk
  • Landon Wendler

NorAm Cup Event Page

Chart to be updated for 2023-2024.

NorAm Cup - FFSP List Dates