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Freestyle Junior Nationals Criteria

Junior National Freestyle Championships

To be updated for 2023-24 Season.

Junior National Freestyle Championships brings together the top junior competitors from each division to compete in this age group championship event - U15, U17, and U19.


  1. Quotas for the age group competitions will be based on a percentage of the entire age-eligible population. Secondly, quotas for the genders within each age group will be determined based on a ratio of the age group’s total population.
  2. All quotas will ensure equal access to both genders, where a minimum of 40% of athletes per age group, per gender, are invited.
  3. Quotas for the genders in each age group will be determined based on a ratio of the total population from FSP List #1.


  1. The athletes will qualify to the U.S. Junior National Championships for moguls and dual moguls from the FFSP List #5 based on the quota for the event for the following Age Groups: U15 (inclusive of any U13’s that qualify within the U15 age group quota), U17 and U19.
  2. Qualified athletes in moguls or dual moguls will be granted starts in both mogul and dual mogul events; These athletes must be ranked on the FFSP List used for selection in the discipline that they didn’t qualify for.
  3. All divisions are guaranteed a minimum of three men and three women in the age group competitions. Athletes may be allocated by the division, if they have less than three in any age group competition.
  4. Ten athletes per gender will be named as alternates to compete in the events at U.S. Junior National Championships. These alternates are to be named off the initially posted invitation and will represent the next ten names on the FFSP List used to qualify per gender and per discipline. No more than ten alternates will be entered in the event even if greater than ten athletes decline their spots. Alternates must be placed into the event prior to the time of the draw for the event in which they are named as alternates. All alternates must be registered and paid prior to entry into the event.
  5. The host club/team of U.S. Junior National Championships can enter one athlete per discipline, per gender to the U.S. Junior National Championships as a host allocation spot.
  6. Divisions may not add to or change requirements for the invited athletes described in this section apart from those spots designated as the divisional allocations.
  7. Foreign athletes will be allocated 3 spots per gender per discipline per age group above the U.S. athlete quota. A foreign athlete must be ranked within their age group quota of the FFSP used to qualify.

2024 Event Website

2024 Petition for Entry