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Alpine Course Homologation Report Packet

Alpine Course Homologation Report Packet

  • Electronic/digital
  • Multi-file PDF ‘book’ by combining PDF files (not ‘portfolio’ structure)
  • PDF files created individually by ‘printing’ to PDF from Word, Excel, etc
  • Not:   secured, locked or protected
  • Not:   scanned from hard copy
  • No more than 8M total file size
Basic homologation report packet contents
  • Cover
  • Trail map with course indicated; area location map (roadmap)
  • Inspector’s Report
  • Exhibits/documentation
    • Plan/map/chart of course with starts and finishes indicated
    • Protection plan showing general locations of installations (A- & B-nets, etc)
    • Topographical (contour) map
    • Course profile
    • Aerial photo/image with course indicated
  • Some items can be combined; for example, protection plan on the plan/map of course
For more information

            The inspector will provide further direction according to the circumstances.