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XC L200 Coach Certification

XC Level 200 Coach Certification

PRE-REQUISITES:  In order to be certified as a Level 200 Coach, the following requirements must be met.  

  • Current U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership
  • Prior completion of the full XC Level 100 Certification 

The following pre-requisites do not need completion prior to accessing the course, but the coach will not be listed as a Certified coach until these are completed. Submit the following to

  • Current 1st Aid/CPR Training (we accept any online or in-person training)
  • CDC Heads Up Concussion training or equivalent
  • SafeSport Training - Once you are on the SafeSport site, create an account using the individual membership ID number provided to you by U. S. Ski & Snowboard

Cross Country Level 200 manual and exam will be given to you when you register for a level 200 in person clinic 


The hands-on training plan assignment will be conducted in small groups (approximately four-six per group).  Attached is the spreadsheet template for building four weekly training plans. One weekly plan for the spring, one weekly plan for the summer, one weekly plan for the fall and one for the winter.  The goal is to create weekly training plans that use progression and periodization strategies, so the previous plan builds towards the next. Each weekly plan will include one training session that outlines how you would incorporate technical and tactical training strategies directly within the training session.  Each of you will submit an individual plan to me via email, however, you will collaborate with your coaching group to create one overall group plan and then individually adjust training sessions of your choosing.  In short, this is exactly how our national team or regional staff works with the ski community when generating a national or regional camp training plan.  There is a general plan created and each athlete comes to camp with an individual plan that incorporates approximately 80-90% of the general plan.  

XC Level 200 Clinics

Cross Country Level 200 manual and exam will be sent to you by email when you register for a level 200 in-person clinic.

Clinic Location Date Registration Contact
National Coaches Symposium - Focus on Development    Minneapolis, MN Sept 27-29, 2019



Bryan Fish



Clinic Location Date Registration Contact
  Eastern Coaches Certification Conference         Dublin, NH   09/22-23/2019 HERE

Justin Beckwith


 Central Coaches Certification Conference   Rice Lake, WI 10/19 - 21/2019 HERE

Yuriy Gusev