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Freestyle Coach of the Year

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Coach of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contribution to the development and international programs by a coach resulting in high-level performance by his or her athletes in competition during the past season. Coaches of the year are recognized for their leadership, commitment, sport knowledge, and passion, including proven ability to foster athletic excellence amongst their constituents or teams.

Nominations can be made during the year and are generally due mid-March. The awards are presented at championship events in the spring or at the Chairman's Dinner in May during the US Ski & Snowboard Spring Congress.

International Coach of the Year

2017 Todd Ossian
2016 Todd Ossian
2015 Matt Saunders
2014 Joseph Davies
2013 Lasse Fahlen
2012 Garth Hagar
2011 Garth Hagar
2010 Scott Rawles
2009 Matt Christensen*
2008 Todd Schirman
2007 Scott Rawles
2006 Brian Lake
2005 Matt Christensen & Darcy Downs
2004 Liz McIntyre*
2003 Scott Rawles
2002 Jeff Wintersteen
2001 Matt Christensen
2000 Diana Williams
1999 Liz McIntyre & Don St. Pierre

*Also named as US Ski & Snowboard overall International Coach of the Year

Domestic Coach of the Year 

2017 Kate Blamey
2016 Nori Pepe
2015 Johnny Kroetz
2014 Dan Studer
2013 Wes Preston*
2012 Jere Crawford
2011 Chris "Hatch" Haslock*
2010 Deb Newson*
2009 Chris "Seedog" Seeman
2008 Elana Chase
2007 Caleb Martin
2006 Glenn Eddy*
2005 Bruce Erickson
2004 Steven Kenney (posthumously)
2003 Matthew Gnoza
2002 Nick Preston*
2001 Duke Peterson*
2000 Bobby Aldighieri
1999 Raymond de Vre*
1998 Wayne Hilterbrand

*Also named as US Ski & Snowboard overall Development Coach of the Year