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Alpine Coach of the Year

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Coach of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contribution to the development and international programs by a coach resulting in high-level performance by his or her athletes in competition during the past season. Coaches of the year are recognized for their leadership, commitment, sport knowledge, and passion, including proven ability to foster athletic excellence amongst their constituents or teams.

Nominations can be made during the year and are generally due mid-March. The awards are presented at championship events in the spring or at the Chairman's Dinner in May during the US Ski & Snowboard Spring Congress.


Alpine International Coach the Year

2017 Mike Day
2016 Brandon Dyksterhouse*
2015 Forest Carey
2014 Roland Pfeifer
2013 Alex Hoedlmoser
2012 Chip White*
2011 Forest Carey
2010 Sasha Rearick
2009 Chip White
2008 Phil McNichol*, Patrick Riml
2007 Alex Hoedlmoser*
2006 Mike Morin
2005 John McBride*
2004 Alex Hoedlmoser
2003 John McBride*
2002 Jesse Hunt
2001 Jim Tracy
2000 Per Lundstam
1999 Ueli Luthi*
1998 Herwig Demschar
1997 Georg Capaul
1996 Jim Tracy
1995 Ernst Hager
1994 Ueli Luthi
1993 Ernst Hager
1992 Bill Egan
1991 Rob Clayton
1990 Doug Williams
1989 Dan Bean
1988 Georg Capaul
1987 Paul Major
1986 Theo Nadig
1985 Brad Ghent

*Also named as US Ski & Snowboard overall International Coach of the Year

Alpine Domestic Coach of the Year

2017 Mike Morin
2016 Rob Worrell
2015 Steve Berlack*
2014 Frank Kelble*
2013 Rob Dowd
2012 Konrad Rickenbach
2011 Pat Callahan
2010 Adam Chadbourne
2009 Karen Ghent*
2008 Bruce Knoepfel
2007 Chip Cochrane
2006 Darrell Gray
2005 Peter Dodge
2004 Randy Pelkey
2003 Mark Sullivan
2002 Kent Towlerton
2001 Rob Clayton
2000 Scott Moriarty
1999 Peter Dodge
1998 Erich Sailer*
1997 Doug Williams
1996 Crawford Pierce
1995 Kent Towlerton
1994 Carma Burnett
1993 Rolf Gidlow
1992 Lane Monroe
1991 Bill Gunesch
1990 Aldo Radamus
1989 Kirk Dwyer
1988 Tim LaMarche
1987 Fritz Vallant
1986 Chip Woods
1985 Finn Gundersen

*Also named as US Ski & Snowboard overall Development Coach of the Year