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Wise, Bowman Roll On at Grand Prix

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
February, 2 2013

PARK CITY, UT (Feb. 2) – X Games champions David Wise (Reno, NV) and Maddie Bowman (S. Lake Tahoe, CA) stayed on their roll, winning in Park City’s superpipe at the Visa U.S. Freeskiing Grand Prix. It was the third straight win for Bowman – second straight for Wise. The two were crowned U.S. champions for their results across the two U.S. Grand Prix halfpipes. Both men's and women's finals saw amazing runs with high scores for the combination FIS Freestyle World Cup and AFP Platinum level contest. Next up is Sochi, Russia for a FIS World Cup test event in the Olympic halfpipe Feb. 16.



  • David Wise (Reno, NV) and Maddie Bowman (S. Lake Tahoe, CA) took titles in the Visa U.S. Freeskiing Grand Prix at Utah’s Park City Mountain Resort.
  • The FIS Freestyle World Cup and AFP Platinum level event attracted a world class field.
  • The win gave Bowman a clean sweep of the two Grand Prix's after her win at Copper Mountain in January.
  • Wise’s win avenged a defeat to Canadian Mike Riddle in Copper, matching his season-ending win last year in the March Mammoth Mountain contest.
  • Teen Torin Yater-Wallace (Aspen, CO) was second in a men’s event that saw stunningly high scores and levels of execution.
  • Less than a single point separated first and third with Wise taking the win by a mere two-tenths – 93.8 to 93.6 over Yater-Wallace.
  • U.S. Freeskiing Rookie Team skier Aaron Blunck (Crested Butte, CO) was fifth in just his fifth World Cup. Rookie Annalisa Drew (Andover, MA) was sixth.
  • Maddie Bowman claims her fourth first place finish on the 2013 AFP World Tour and overtakes Annalisa Drew in the top spot on the AFP womens Halfpipe World Ranking. 
  • The FIS World up now heads to Sochi for the Olympic test event in the halfpipe Feb. 16. Earlier Saturday FIS canceled the slopestyle due to warm weather impacting course construction. The halfpipe was still scheduled and slopestyle may be rescheduled later in the season. 

David Wise: right 720 opposite mute grab, switch double cork 1080 Japan grab, right double cork 1260 mute grab, left double 1260 mute grab, alley-oop 540 tail grab
Torin Yater-Wallace: right double cork 1260 mute grab, left 1080 tail grab, switch right 720 mute grab, alley-oop double flat 900 Japan grab, double 900 Japan grab
Kevin Rolland: Left double 1260 mute grab, double flair tail grab, flair 720 tail grab, switch right 720 mute grab, double flair 1080 safety grab.

Maddie Bowman: Right 900, left 540 mute grab, mute grab, left 900 tail grab, right 720, switch left 540
Ayana Onozuka: mute grab, alley-oop critical, left 540 safety grab, right 540 safety grab, left 720 safety grab, switch right 540.
Virginie Faivre: mute grab, alley-oop mute grab, left 540 safety grab, right 540 opposite safety grab, air to fakie safety grab, switch left alley-oop 540


1. Mike Riddle (CAN)
2. Benoit Valentin (FRA)
3. Thomas Krief (FRA)
4. Aaron Blunck (USA)
5. Joffrey Pollet-Villard (FRA)

1. Maddie Bowman (USA)
2. Ayana Onozuka (JPN)
3. Annalisa Drew (USA)
4. Megan Gunning (CAN)
5. Anais Caradeux (FRA)

David Wise
Today under the sun it's a lot easier to put down solid runs and everybody did. It was pretty heated - sitting down at the bottom and to have to hold on to my first run score and watching everyone do some of their best runs of the season, it was pretty nerve wracking, but at the same time that is the exciting part of this sport. I am just stoked and every contest for me is just building momentum into the next competition. I am looking forward to Sochi coming up next! 

Torin Yater-Wallace
Consistency, I think is important tool when you are competing. You need to do your run a lot and know your tricks well so that you can land your run as many times as you need too, whenever you need to. The fact that I am finally building up some consistency makes me really happy, it's a goal of mine. I am so happy with my results today, the pipe here is sick and I love Park City. It's a super sunny day and I guess I am just trying to make the Olympics next year! 

Maddie Bowman
I was pretty tired coming out of X Games, but this weather brings out the best in everyone. I was really excited to ski today and had a great time. I would like to think that showed in my skiing, although I think I could have skied a little bit cleaner, I kind of washed out a little bit on my 9, but I was able to hold it together. My whole family is here and it's really nice to have their support. It was such a nice surprise to win National Champion, I wasn't expecting it! Next up we head to Sochi and I am super excited to check out Russia! 

Official Results

Sun. Feb. 3 - 2:00-3:00 p.m. – Visa U.S. Freeskiing Grand Prix, freeskiing finals, NBC Sports Network
Sun. Feb. 3 – 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. - Paul Mitchell Progression Session, big air, NBC Sports Network