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U.S. Team Athletes Flourish at Woodward Park City Rev Tour

By Andrew Gauthier
March, 6 2020
Dusty Henricksen during the 2020 Woodward Park City Rev Tour. (U.S. Ski & Snowboard - Sarah Brunson)

The final stop of the 2019-20 U.S. Rev Tour NorAm is complete and U.S. Freeski and Snowboard Team athletes took to the snow at the brand new Woodward Park City with vigor, claiming just under 60% of the available podium positions. The new relationship developing between U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Woodward Park City is already proving to be fruitful for our U.S. athletes and event organizers.

“I want to thank Woodward Park City. They rolled out the red carpet for the final stop of the Revolution Tour. We received positive feedback from both the athletes and the coaches on the venue set-up, facilities, and overall support for the event. We are excited to build on the success of the first Rev Tour at Woodward Park City. Having the ability to host high-level events in our hometown creates new opportunities for our snowboard and freeski athletes. We look forward to building on our partnership with Woodward Park City in the future and are hoping that this event is the first of many to come.”
      - Eric Webster - U.S. Ski & Snowboard Senior Director of Events

With great facilities and courses dialed in for the week, competition kicked off on Monday, March 1 with snowboard slopestyle competition. U.S. Rookie Snowboard Team members Ty Schnorrbusch and Courtney Rummel took second and third respectively. 

“I’m super stoked to put a couple runs down today and end up second,” Ty said enthusiastically. “Woodward Park City is super sick and I’m excited to continue to ride here the rest of the week and moving forward into the future.”

For the men, Olympic silver medalist Kyle Mack and U.S. Snowboard teammate Lyon Farrell went one and two respectively. The Rev Tour often times offers a chance for young athletes to compete and ride with pro-level athletes. This scenario fosters a great learning environment and competition experience. Although young athletes may have a challenge ahead of them to reach the podium, the benefits, in the long run, are priceless. 


  1. Hinari Asanuma
  2. Ty Schnorrbusch
  3. Courtney Rummel


  1. Kyle Mack
  2. Lyon Farrell
  3. Aoto Kawakmi

On day two, the competition continued with snowboard slopestyle and freeski big air where the Americans continued to keep a stronghold on the podium. Ty Schnorrbusch collected her second podium of the week with a second-place finish in slopestyle. For the men, the 2020 Burton U.S. Open silver medalist Dusty Henricksen won the event followed by teammate Luke Winkelmann in second. Dusty’s win solidified his position as the overall Rev Tour winner in slopestyle for the season. 

“It’s been a super crazy season and I’m super stoked to walk away on top,” said Dusty. “I got to come out for the opening day of Woodward Park City and it was such a fun week, so I was stoked I got to make it back out and ride with all the boys.”


  1. Hinari Asanuma
  2. Ty Schnorrbusch
  3. Baily McDonald


  1. Dusty Henricksen
  2. Luke Winkelmann
  3. Aoto Kawakami

In freeski big air, U.S. Freeski Rookie Team members Rell Harwood, Grace Henderson, and Marin Hamill swept the podium for the women. Rell’s win secured her Overall Big Air Rev Tour Championship for the season.

“It felt really good to walk away with the win,” said Rell. “I had a lot of fun skiing the Woodward big air jump with all the girls and everyone crushed. I’m super excited to be the overall big air rev tour champion this year. This season has been great and a lot of fun!”

The men followed suit offering up an American sweep of their own consisting of Hunter Henderson in first, Tim Ryan in second, and Kiernan Fagan in third. Hunter also secured the Overall Big Air Rev Tour Championship

“I’m very happy to take home the overall for big air and win both of the events that I entered,” said Hunter modestly. “I am now looking forward to hopefully repeating what happened in big air, in slopestyle these next two days.”


  1. Rell Harwood
  2. Grace Henderson
  3. Marin Hamill


  1. Hunter Henderson
  2. Tim Ryan
  3. Kiernan Fagan 

With Thursday, came day three of competition and a stacked program including freeski slopestyle and snowboard big air. The trend continued as U.S. athletes continued to dominate. Marin Hamill and Rell Harwood both earned their second podiums of the week finishing first and third respectively.  For the men, U.S. Freeski Team members and twin brothers Kiernan and Deven Fagan took first and second respectively followed by American Tim Ryan in third. 


  1. Marin Hamill
  2. Megan Cressey
  3. Rell Harwood


  1. Kiernan Fagan
  2. Deven Fagan
  3. Tim Ryan 

Thursday’s snowboard big air competition continued to impress as U.S. Snowboard Rookie Team member Courtney Rummel claimed second place and also walked away with the Overall Big Air Rev Tour Championship. Also, Ty claimed the FIS NorAm championship in big air. 

“I’m so thankful to end my Rev season on such an amazing note,” said Courtney. “The big air overall championship is such an honor and I’m proud to be able to contribute to the U.S. Snowboard Team winning the overall Team NorAm! I am grateful to my coaches Nichole [Mason], Dave [Reynolds], Mike [Ramirez] and my teammates for their support this season.”

For the men, Dusty earned his second podium of the week and the Overall NorAm Championship in big air with a second-place finish.


  1. Hinari Asanuma 
  2. Courtney Rummel
  3. Baily Mcdonald


  1. Aoto Kawakmi
  2. Dusty Henricksen
  3. Carter Jarvis

The final day of the Woodward Park City Rev Tour did not disappoint offering up yet more U.S. Ski & Snowboard success. Marin Hamill and Rell Harwood once again led the way claiming first in second in the final slopestyle competition, both securing their Woodward Park City Rev Tour podium hat-trick.

“I had a great time skiing this week at Woodward,” said Marin. “I was especially excited to win both slopestyle events with my friends and family watching. My family said the venue was awesome because they could watch everything from the bottom of the course. I definitely am looking forward to more events at Woodward.”

To close out the week, Kiernan took the top spot for the men and also collected his third podium of the week. Marin and Kiernan each secured the Overall Slopestyle Rev Tour Championship.


  1. Marin Hamill
  2. Rell Harwood
  3. Bacon Bella


  1. Kiernan Fagan
  2. Peter Raich
  3. Tim Ryan 


Rev Tour - Woodward Park City