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Supergirl Snow Pro Wraps a Successful Weekend

By Andrew Gauthier
March, 12 2019
Supergirl Snow Pro
Competitors at the 2019 Supergirl Snow Pro. (Supergirl Snow Pro)

The Supergirl Snow Pro came a close and what a weekend it was at California’s Bear Mountain Resort for the world’s only all-female snowboarding competition and lifestyle series. The snowboarding contest and festival featured more than 100 competitors with pro riders paired with top amateur talent in a unique pro-am format designed to mentor the next generation of female snowboarders.

“The 2019 Supergirl Snow Pro was an incredibly successful weekend,” said event host and inspiration leader Lindsey Jacobellis (Stratton Mountain, Vt.). “There was so much energy throughout the whole weekend and the growth with the second year from the first was amazing.  I am very excited to see this event grow as the year's progress.”

Jacobellis, the current World Champion, four-time Olympian, and 10-time X-Games Gold Medalist, was not the only high-profile athlete in the mix. The event showcased many other Olympians, including Faye Gulini (Salt Lake City, Utah), Meghan Tierney (Edwards, Colo.), Silvia Mittermuller of Germany, Carla Somaini of Switzerland and Sandra Hillen of Mexico.

Day one of Supergirl Snow Pro featured the snowboardcross competition on a custom-built pro-level course, created to showcase elite talent, while also providing a platform for young competitors to learn from their heroes. In addition to competing and claiming first place, Jacobellis spent much of the event mentoring the next generation of up-and-coming athletes.

The podium for Saturday's pro boardercross contest included an all American sweep of Jacobellis in first-place, Gulini second, Anna Miller (Orem, Utah) third, and Tierney just off the podium in fourth-place.

“I’m really happy that this event was able to come back to Bear Mountain, and it’s a thrill to take home the winner’s Supergirl cape,” said Jacobellis. “The course was the perfect speed for all ages and to have the pros mentoring the young riders is just a wonderful experience for all. It’s so great to be able to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I love being able to race with my friends and U.S. Snowboard teammates as we’re constantly pushing each other and just trying to pave the way for the next generation of girls in this sport.”

Day two offered a different competition where the finish line was irrelevant, but where style and execution was everything. The event featured a big air competition with an amateur jam session and professional contest in an innovative head-to-head bracket-style format. Lia-Mara Bosch from Switzerland took first in Big Air with a smooth backside 720. Jasmine Baird took second place and local Big Bear rider, Melissa Evans (Big Bear, Calif.), took third.

“What a super experience to be in an all-women’s contest, and then to win it was amazing,” said Bosch from Switzerland. “I really liked the event format and was so impressed with the young ones riding.”

The Supergirl Snow Pro offers more than just opportunities for young female riders to compete and learn valuable snowboarding skills, but also offers a chance for young riders to learn important life lessons from those who have put in the hard work, time and effort to be at the top of the sport. In the words of Jacobellis, “I would say when you fall…get back up.” Stay tuned for the next edition of Supergirl Pro Snow coming 2020.

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Faye Gulini - U.S. Snowboard Pro Team
“I’m so excited to be here, the weather is great, the ladies are stoked. So many different generations and levels of boarding going on here. I think it’s awesome to have a whole women’s event to inspire, encourage and push the sport. We get to learn and grow in an environment where we feel supported and that’s the goal here is to push the riders limits and doing so in a comfy, healthy environment.”

Meghan Tierney - U.S. Snowboard Development Group & U.S. FIS World Championship Team
“I really just love giving back and it’s awesome what Lindsey is doing. She used to coach me when I was younger, so I’m so happy to be able to give back and coach the younger girls coming up. It’s just so rewarding seeing all these young girls getting better and encouraging them and others. ”

Reese Rivera - AM 8-11-year-old Boardercross
“I try not to speed check and just go for it! I don’t look back.” The confident Rivera drew on words of advice given to the amateurs at Friday’s clinic led by Lindsey Jacobellis.

2019 Supergirl Snow Pro Boardercross Replay
2019 Supergirl Snow Pro Big Air Replay


1st Lindsey Jacobellis
2nd Faye Gulini
3rd Anna Miller
4th Meghan Tierney

1st Anna Miller, Montana Braden, Helen French, Hanna Percy
2nd Danielle Steinhoff, Danielle Hunter, Kaylee Underwood, Reese Rivera
3rd Shannon Maguire, Lea Logal, Alexandra Morton, Maia Metzger

SBX AM (ages 8-11)
1st Reese Rivera
2nd Desari Riaz
3rd Leah Harteau
4th Ava Harteau

SBX AM (ages 12-15)
1st Anika Juneau
2nd Jadyn Dalrymple
3rd Riley Rivera
4th Ashley Phillips

SBX AM (ages 16+)
1st Helen French
2nd Kayci Deitsch
3rd Kaylee Underwood
4th Danielle Hunter

1st Lia-Mara Bosch
2nd  Jasmine Baird
3rd Melissa Evans

1st Carla Somaini and Hanna Norman
2nd Melissa Evans and Riley Rivera
3rd Sommer Gendron and Ella Sorenson

1st Alyssa Moroco
2nd Riley Rivera
3rd Hanna Norman