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Negomir and Mangan Crowned Super-G Champions

By Sierra Ryder
April, 2 2023
Negomir Races to First Place (U.S. Ski & Snowboard, Steve Kornreich)
Negomir Races to First Place (U.S. Ski & Snowboard, Steve Kornreich)

On day one of the Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships presented by Stifel, Kyle Negomir and Tricia Mangan took home the national super-G titles in Sun Valley, Idaho.

After a day of stormy snow weather, course workers went out on the hill bright and early to make sure a race happened under the beautiful blue skies and sunshine Sunday. The men ran first and Kyle Negomir, who ran second, smoked it down to win the race.

“I think it was super challenging day for everyone so I am fortunate to make it down with as few mistakes as possible,” said Negomir. “it's just fun coming to Nationals where everyone's together again for the first time, all the younger guys all the way to World Cup guys on the team. Everyone's together and racing, and it's a beautiful day to do it.”

This is Negomir’s first national title, a big accomplishment for the skier returning from big injuries. He has had a successful World Cup season as an up and coming speed skier.  In second place was fellow teammate Erik Arvidsson and in third was Isaiah Nelson.

On the women’s side, World Cup skier Tricia Mangan took home the win on a tricky and bumpy course.  Right behind Mangan was Stifel U.S. Alpine Ski Team athlete Keely Cashman, and in third was Liv Moritz.

“The whole way down I just tried to keep going hard because I was feeling very tired,” said Mangan. “I've been on the podium at Sun Valley, but I've never won a national title so that’s awesome.”

Keely Cashman took second place in the super-G, just a few tenths behind Mangan.

“It's a tough super-G hill. It's set like a GS. It's super grindy,” said Cashman.

This also marks the end of the speed season for most of the team athletes. “I think I set some goals early in the season that I did not reach. And I think goals are fluid, and they change as you go,” said Cashman.

Monday is men’s and women’s slalom on the Sun Valley track.


Men's super-G

Women's super-G