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Membership Update - March 2021

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
March, 25 2021

Pending Members

We need your help! We still have almost 1600 members with one or more outstanding requirements. Please help us finish the season strong!! Check the Pending Members tool to see if you or someone you know could use a little nudge! We’re here to help. Instructions for each requirement are noted below. Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring all members have completed these important requirements.

SafeSport Training

Have you completed your SafeSport Training this season? As a reminder SafeSport training is an annual requirement with the core training required every 4 seasons and brief refresher courses required in each of the other three seasons. 

How do I Complete SafeSport Training: 

  • Register or login with SafeSport
    • Click “SIGN IN” on the top right-hand corner
    • Enter your username or register as a new user
  • Please affiliate with U.S. Ski & Snowboard
  • Enter your U.S. Ski & Snowboard member ID.
    • Do not include your division code (A, C, E, F, I, N, R or X) when inputting your member ID.
    • Doing so may cause a delay in the updating of your completion status.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.
    •  Please check your email (including your spam file)
    •  Click the link in the email message.
  • For technical assistance please contact SafeSport directly at

Coaching Fundamentals

Coaches who have yet to complete Coaching Fundamentals have until April 1 to finish the course. All work done on the course will be cleared out as of April 1. Let’s finish strong! You’re almost there! Just sign into your account on today. Here are some instructions to help you get started. 

How do I complete the Coaching Fundamentals?

  • Login to your U.S. Ski & Snowboard account
  • If you receive a notice that you cannot enroll yourself, please email membership immediately at
  • Click the link in the notice at the top of the screen to begin the course. If you are unable to access the course from your account, please click here and sign in with your credentials
  • The course takes 3-4 hours to complete
  • All 5 sections of Activity 2 must be completed to access the final exam

Introduction to Avalanches

In order to complete Introduction to Avalanches, you need to have an individual account. Your name and member ID need to appear as the primary member to access the course. If you are not the primary on the account, please log out of this account, open a new page and go to to create a new account where you are the primary member.

How do I complete the training?

  • Login to your U.S. Ski & Snowboard account
  • Click the link in the notice at the top of the screen to begin the course. If you are unable to access the course from your account, please click here and sign in with your credentials
  • The course takes 5-10 minutes to complete 
  • If for any reason you are having trouble with course access, please email for an alternate means of completing the course. 

Please allow pop-ups for the following website for the course to launch: If you need help allowing pop-ups to appear, please click here to find your internet browser and their instructions.

Background Screening

Prior to registering for screening, please check your online account to confirm that you are indeed required to register for screening. If the requirement applies to you, there will be a note at the top of the screen explaining the requirement. Screening is required every two seasons. 

*Please register only once. If you have already registered and are awaiting your screening determination, please disregard these instructions.

How do I register for background screening?

  • Please go to NCSI’s Secure Website to register for your background screening. The 8-digit applicant code is 11392848.

Please note you will be required to submit a copy of your valid state/government issued ID (NCSI accepts .jpg, .pdf, .doc, and .png file formats).

  • Please allow several weeks for the screening process to be completed. Individual screening times will vary. Foreign screenings may take a month or more.

 If you have any questions or problems submitting your information, please call NSCI at (866) 833-7100 or by email at