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First Rev Tour Stop Wrapped at Copper Mountain

By Andrew Gauthier
December, 23 2019
Rev Tour
Andrew Longino of Canada (center), Lennon Vaughan (left), and Tristan Feinberg (right) at the U.S. Revolution Tour at Copper Mountain. Colo. (U.S. Ski & Snowboard)

The first U.S. Rev Tour FIS NorAm stop of the season took place at Copper Mountain Dec. 16-21 and young freeskiers and snowboarders kicked off their season with style. The event kicked off with two days of snowboard halfpipe competition on Dec. 17 and 18. 

U.S. Snowboard Rookie Team member Jack Coyne started the event with a second-place. “I’m super stoked to be here at the Rev Tour,” said Jack. "There’s more camaraderie than any other event I’ve been to and I’m so happy to be here with everybody.” 

Third place finisher Rakai Tait of Australia could not have been more excited for winner Shuichiro Shigeno. “It’s so great to be out here among all the up-and-coming riders,” said Rakai. “I’m stoked for Shuichiro. It was so rad to see his excitement on top of the podium.” 

American Zoe Kalapos finished in second place.  “It was so much fun,” said Zoe. “I was really cold in the morning, but I was really excited to ride," said Zoe. "The pipe was great and the girls were all sending so it turned out to be a really great contest.” 

1. Shuichiro Shigeno (JPN)
2. Jack Coyne (USA)
3. Rakai Tait (AUS)

1. Brooke Dhondt (CAN)
2. Zoe Kalapos (USA)
3. Manon Kaji (JPN)

On day two of snowboard halfpipe, U.S. Snowboard Team member Lucas Foster found his way to the podium. “It was a great couple days of snowboarding,” said Lucas. “ I did some of the best runs that I’ve ever done and that’s all I really care to do. To be on the podium is just icing on the cake. All we ever really want to do is just do our personal best out here.” 

For the women, U.S. Snowboard Rookie Team member Tessa Maud finished in second place.  “It was so much fun,” said Tessa. “All the ladies were killing it as always. Finals were so stacked for both men’s and women’s fields. I’m lucky to be on the team and to have my family, friends, and J.J. (JJ Thomas - U.S. Snowboard Development Team Coach) supporting me!”

1. Kaushi Hirano (JPN)
2. Rakai Tait (AUS)
3. Lucas Foster (USA)

1. Manon Kaji (JPN)
2. Tessa Maud (USA)
3. Takara Tamada (JPN)

Freeski halfpipe competition kicked off on Dec. 20 where Zoe Atkin won day one of freeski competition going back-to-back after also winning the Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix World Cup at Copper only one week earlier. 

Riley Jacobs earned third place. “It was a really fun day,” said Riley. “We got to go out early and I was excited because it was my first competition of the year after coming back from an injury.  It was really fun trying to get out and throw some tricks I hadn’t done in a while and to see all of these great people." 

For the men, American Aaron Durlester rounded out the men’s podium in third place. 

1. Andrew Longino (CAN)
2. Jon Sallinen (FIN)
3. Aaron Durlester (USA)

1. Zoe Atkin (GBR)
2. Amy Fraser (CAN)
3. Riley Jacobs (USA)

On day two of freeski competition, Zoe extended her winning streak to three. “Everyone killed it these last two days,” said Zoe. “I had such a great time and it was a really great competition.” 

Also, Amy Fraser was ecstatic to be at Copper Mountain. “I’m stoked to come away happy and healthy,” said Amy. “It’s so rad that Copper has their pipe open and running so early in the season and holds these events for us. I’m stoked to be down here skiing in the USA.” 

For the men, Americans Lennon Vaughan and Tristan Feinberg finished in second and third respectively. Andrew Longino won the event for the second day in a row. 

“I’m super-stoked to stand on the podium two days in a row,” said Andrew. “I’ve never gotten to do that. This is actually my first Rev Tour podium in my life so it’s awesome, and after two beautiful days of skiing, I’m super happy to be out here with all my friends at an all-around a great weekend at Copper."

1. Andrew Longino (CAN)
2. Lennon Vaughan (USA)
3. Tristan Feinberg (USA)

1. Zoe Atkin (GBR) 
2. Rachael Anderson (CAN)
3. Amy Fraser (CAN)

The next Rev Tour stop will be at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Feb. 4-9 for slopestyle, halfpipe, and big air competition.