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For cross country athletes, summer is the time to build base fitness and enjoy the opportunity to add new elements to the training regime. It’s also the time for camps and getting to know your new teammates.
How do you find future Olympians and develop a cross country and national team culture during a pandemic? Virtually, of course!
NordicEd Video Library
The Davis U.S. Cross Country Ski Team hosts a number of development camps for junior athletes in the summer months. These camps have been an important component of development for junior athletes and have been supported by the NNF for years.
If you have been racing for a season (or a few seasons), you've likely heard of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Points list, aka the National Ranking List (NRL).
My last couple blocks of training have gone pretty well, with one setback called shin splints, caused by running too much early in the spring. It's been a little bit of a bummer to not run for the last month or so, but it hasn't impacted my training too much.