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Getting Started Banner

Masters Getting Started

Not sure where to start? You came to the right place!

If you have additional questions, email us at or use the Contact Us form at  the bottom of this page.

1 - Purchase/Renew Your Masters Eligible U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership*

Membership Options

There are now two membership options for the full masters membership. Most members can continue to purchase the $135 Alpine Master Membership. Only select the $150 Alpine Master (w/ requirements) if directed to do so by your local club.

Alpine Member Categories and Benefits (click link for full details)

$135 Master (ages 18+)

  • Some divisions have an additional charge for division dues/membership
  • If you are planning to race in the FIS Masters Cup event be sure to click the box the renew/purchase your FIS Masters License.

Masters Membership Selection

  • For most members, your cart will look like this: Masters Membership in Cart

$150 Master with Requirements (ages 18+)

  • If you are part of a club where you have regular interaction with minor athletes AND you do not have one of the other memberships that includes screening (Club Volunteer, Official, Coach, and Competitor), you will be directed by the club to purchase this membership that includes the SafeSport & Background Screening. 
  • Some divisions have an additional charge for division dues/membership
  • If you are planning to race in the FIS Masters Cup event be sure to click the box the renew/purchase your FIS Masters License.

$100 Non-Scored Athlete (only applicable for Masters races if ages 18-24)

  • Must upgrade to full Masters for Regional and National events.

$35 Short-Term Alpine Master (per day)

  • Limited to 2 separate events per season
  • An event may include up to 5 consecutive days
  • Purchase can be applied to full masters membership
  • Not eligible for regional and national events
  • Can be purchased online prior to race day

Short Term Masters Membership Instructions

  • Your total should be $35 x the number of days you plan to race or DH train: STAM Cart

$35 Short-Term Alpine Foreign Masters (per day)

  • Foreign athletes should contact member services directly at, by phone or online chat to purchase the short term foreign masters membership
  • For regional and national events, foreign masters can purchase one $35 short-term membership for the whole event.

$var. Upgrade Club Volunteer or Official Membership*

$0 Add to Coaches or Competitor Membership*


    Links to Purchase Memberships

    Become a Member

    Renew a Membership

    Purchase SHORT-TERM Membership/s:*

    If you have not already renewed a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership for the current season:
    Purchase Short-Term Membership

    To purchase a 2nd short term membership use this link:
    Purchase Additional Short-Term Membership

    *Upgrade/Add a Membership

    You are only able to login and purchase/renew your membership through your U.S. Ski & Snowboard account once online each season. Masters can be added to your cart along with any other desired memberships during your initial purchase. To upgrade/add to a Full Masters Membership, contact Member Services by phone on 435.647.2666 or chat at To add Short-Term Memberships, use the links above or call/chat Member Services.



    2 - Check Your Gear & Learn the Basic Rules
    3 - Consider Attending a Training Session or Camp
    4- Find Your Division and Sign Up for a Race

    Click map to find division websites and contact information.

    Masters Division Map


    5 - Attend A Race!
    1. Review the event fact sheet
    2. Check in a race headquarters in the morning
      • Get your race bib
      • Check that you're on the start list
      • Purchase a lift ticket (if needed)
      • Learn about any special instructions for the day
    3. Inspect the course
    4. Racer ready! 


    Got a question about Masters racing?  Contact us!

    Introduction to Masters Racing

    About Masters

    Who are Masters Racers?

    • Adults of all ages and abilities
    • Race fanatics chasing their passion
    • Experienced racers who grew up with the sport
    • Novice skiers seeking a new challenge

    What is Masters Racing?

    • Age class competition
    • Ski racing on FIS approved courses
    • DH, SG, GS, SL, and Parallel events
    • The perfect combination of sport, adrenaline and spandex

    When are Masters Races?

    • US division have races December through April
    • Eastern and Western Region Championships are in January and February
    • National Championships are in March
    • FIS Masters races are held September through April

    Where do Masters Race?

    • Most compete within their division
    • Many also race in nearby divisions
    • Some travel to favorite locations
    • Some even travel internationally for FIS Masters events.

    Why Compete?

    • No matter your experience or goals, there is a place for you in masters!
    • There are coaches and training to help you acheive your goals!
    • Alpine Ski Racing is a lifelong sport and an experience you won’t forget!

    Join The Conversation!