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Skateboarding Is Not A Crime, It’s Training

By Andrew Gauthier
July, 2 2020
Sean FitzSimonsn
U.S. Snowboard Pro Team member Sean FitzSimons going large at the Hood River Skate Park in Hood River, Oregon. (Fenn Paider - @fennpaider/

We all know U.S. Snowboard Team athletes can ride on snow, but do these skills translate to other boardsports? Scanning athlete Instagrams this off-season sure would make you think so. Skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and wake surfing may not be mentioned word for word in their training regiments, but there are clear crossover skills and style that makes for a very pleasant Instagram viewing experience. 


Happy go skate day! Get out there and do some skating today 🛹❤️|| 🎥 and edit: @cal.vid || #goskateday #skateboarding

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Although many riders skate for fun, U.S. Snowboard Halfpipe Pro Team Head Coach Rick Bower respects skateboarding’s heritage and sees the cross-training benefits of riding transition off the snow. 

“Snowboarding has been and always will be directly influenced by skateboarding,” said Rick. “All of our tricks come from skateboarding and the snowboard halfpipe is the most obvious representation of that direct influence. The very best cross-training a halfpipe snowboarder can do is learn to skate transition, with the vert ramp being the holy grail of transition mastery.  A vert ramp enhances the skills needed to be a world-class halfpipe snowboarder such as balance and manipulating the human body through the constantly changing curvature of a massive transition from vertical to horizontal.”


good to be back ✨ • • @rockstarenergy #rockstarenergy

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Skating is one thing, but what about taking the board to water? Six-time FIS Snowboardcross World Champion Lindsey Jacobellis feels surfing not only keeps her connected to the outdoors, but also offers a great workout. 

“Getting in the water is so healing,” said Lindsey. “I love being out in nature, especially if I surf at first light and there are only a few people out. I find that surfing helps my cardio and also my upper body strength. It is a nice way to change up the routine a bit.”

What about wakeboarding? It’s not just gravity anymore. The use of a tow line adds another element to consider. Whether you are just carving or getting airborne, there is no letting go if you want to keep the flow. U.S. Snowboard Pro Team member Chris Corning recently picked up wakeboarding and shared his opinion on the similarities and differences to snowboarding. 

“I have been wakeboarding a few times now and have been loving it,” he said. “The hardest part is learning how to use the rope. That can either be for passing it when spinning, the pull going up the wake on the boat, or jumps and rails on the cable. I really like wakeboarding to keep a board under my feet in the summertime!”

Meanwhile, U.S. Snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe rookie team member Fynn Bullock-Womble is a sponsored boat and cable wakeboarder who competes on a professional level. Although very different, Fynn feels the sports are complimentary.

The two disciplines are quite different,” said Fynn as he wrapped up a day on the boat.  “Snowboarding is primarily lower body and wakeboarding is upper body. However, the edge control, air awareness, and balance established riding rails and features make the two sports very complimentary. I truly love all aspects of both sports and feel incredibly grateful to be able to pursue a career in both industries.”

The skatepark, the ocean, and the wake all offer U.S. riders what they need in the off-season -  a chance to express themselves, have fun, and continue to build on their skill sets. Many people assume that these sports just come easy to U.S. Snowboard Team athletes, but just as they put time in on snow to dial in their competition runs, their work ethic translates to their off snow riding as well. It’s who they are, it’s in their DNA, and it is sure fun to watch. 

Check out some of the action from the U.S. Snowboard Team this summer below. There’s no shortage of entertainment here, so be sure to check them out and follow for more content from U.S. Snowboard Team athletes.

U.S. Snowboard Team on Instagram

Dusty Henricksen


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Afternoon surf 🏄🏼‍♀️

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Lyon Farrell


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