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No Holding Back at the 2022 Masters Eastern Regional Championships

By Lauren Beckos
March, 5 2022
2022 Eastern Regional Champions at West Mountain, NY
Congratulations to the 2022 Phillips 66 Eastern Regional Champions!

Thanks to Carol Tomassetti for this great recap from the 2022 Phillips 66 Eastern Regional Championships!


We had a fantastic time at West Mountain for the Eastern Regional Championships. We started with a great day of training on Thursday, running from the top of the Cure to the bottom on a GS course.  What a treat.  We managed to get our training in before the rain started which was a huge bonus. Thursday night it rained hard enough that I questioned whether it was monsoon season. The surface set up firm enough that we were able pull off the SG with a nice solid surface.  (some may dispute nice when we describe the solid surface, but it was a good race surface). 

The GS and SL races for Saturday and Sunday were sunny and bright and the surfaces were once again nice and race solid. 

We had some great hot competition among racers coming from five different regional Masters groups across the East and Rockies including SARA (Southern), New England, NY, Mid-Atlantic and Rocky Mountain. We had racers from many different states. Tennessee, Utah, Ohio, NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, VT, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  A great showing from a broad set of locations. 

You can find the results for the races at 
SG: Congratulations to Eliza Phillips and Matt Dodge who were the fastest woman and man for the day.  This race also counted for the National Speed Series.  You can find the current National Speed series class and overall standings here.
GS: Congratulations to Kerry Finch and Matt Dodge who were the fastest woman and man for the day.  
SL: Congratulations to Kerry Finch and Jim Thoman who were the fastest woman and man for the day.  

You'll see the full list of the Eastern Regional Class Champions here  MEN  WOMEN

Thanks to Mark Phillips for taking photos at the event which can be found here: SG   GS  SL

Thank you also to all the people that contributed or helped over the weekend.  Bill Bolte (TD), Gail Bolte (registration, finish hand timing), Matthew Abrams, Eliza Phillips, Dale Zigenfelder (start hand timing), Greg Gallup (finish hand timing, envelope stuffer), Lauren Beckos (Forerunner, finish ref and tons of other stuff),  Darnell Holmes (Ref), Karen Sanderson (bib collection), Sandra Schwinzer (envelope stuffer), Steve Zilli (envelope stuffer, banner take down), Dan Scuderi (helped make the race happen on the hill), Jim Tomassetti (too numerous to mention), Jesse Stevenson (bib Utility) , Mark Phillips, Iggy Manoylovich (awesome pictures), Hannah Knudsen (social media pictures), Carole Scoville (finish ref), Ben Herr (Banner assembly) and anyone else I forgot to mention.  And of course thanks to West Mountain for hosting us.  Most of all thanks to everyone that came out and supported the races.