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Kauf, Page Third in Bakuriani

By Ryan Odeja - Stifel U.S. Ski Team
December, 23 2023
Nick Page skis during the dual moguls World Cup event in Bakuriani, Georgia.
Nick Page during the dual moguls World Cup event in Bakuriani, Georgia. (Mateusz Kielpinski / FIS Freestyle).

The Stifel U.S. Freestyle Ski Team moguls athletes wrapped up the first part of their season with a dual moguls event in Bakuriani, Georgia, landing two on the podium, with Jaelin Kauf and Nick Page both in third.

Continuing their strong start to the 2023-24 season, today’s competition was no different. Going into the finals, the moguls team sent all six women and two men to the finals, despite the challenging weather conditions.

For the first time this season, none of the U.S. women had to go head-to-head in the qualification rounds, giving the U.S. the best chance to make an impact in the finals, which they ultimately took advantage of. 

Kauf and Alli Macuga - coming off her first dual moguls podium and career best individual result in yesterday’s event - made it to the semi-finals for the U.S. women and Page advanced for the men. 

In the end, it was a battle for third place for Kauf and Macuga, with Macuga crossing the line first but Kauf taking home the third place finish. Just outside the semis was Olivia Giaccio, who finished fifth, followed by Hannah Soar in ninth, Tess Johnson in 11th and Elizabeth Lemley in 13th.

“I’m stoked to finish this part of the tour with a podium, and I’m very excited to be headed home for Christmas! I’m really happy with putting down some solid skiing throughout today, especially after last week's duals,” said Kauf. “Right now I’m focusing on getting home for Christmas and will reevaluate the plan for the second part of the tour, but will probably be focused on bringing in some more tricks.”

At the end of the day, Page once again showed his skill and consistency by putting down consistent run after consistent run, which led him to the podium. Outside the quarter-final was Cole McDonald, finishing 15th, along with Dylan Walczyk in 18th, Landon Wendler in 20th and Dylan Marcellini in 21st. 

“Today was a great day - it felt like I found a new level of consistent intensity that I was really happy with. The guys I skied against today are so good; the level of competition is so high, and every run took everything I had,” said Page. "I’m lucky to have them pushing me to the next level. It will be nice to have a moment to come up for air after a long two months on the road. I’m excited to get back to training before we pick it up again in Val St. Come.”

The team is returning to the United States for a break before heading to Val St. Come, Canada Jan. 19-20.