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Tess Johnson
Tess Johnson headshot image

Tess Johnson

2018 Olympian
  • Hometown
    Vail, Colorado
  • Team
    Moguls A
  • Years on Team
    8 (since 2017)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Ski & Snowboard Club Vail
  • School:
    Harvard Extension School
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Globe


Vail, Colorado’s Tess Johnson has made a significant impact on the sport with her remarkable achievements. She became the youngest athlete to be on the national team at the time at age 14 and is the youngest American freestyle skier to earn a medal in World Championships.

Originally, Tess did not have a passion for mogul skiing and wanted to be a slopestyle skier but was too young to compete. She then turned her sights to moguls when she enrolled in a program called “Bumps and Jumps.” Following her accelerating freestyle career, she created one of her best memories when she competed against her good friend and fellow U.S. Ski Team member Jaelin Kauf during the semi-finals of the 2019 Dual Moguls World Championships. Along with Tess’ constant training, she finds time to continue her educational career through Harvard Extension School studying psychology. She also has a love for adventure, engaging in daring activities like bungee jumping and paragliding. Her exceptional talent and hard work have led to her competing in the 2018 Olympics and earning podium finishes in multiple competitions, including World Cups, World Championships, FIS Junior Worlds, Nor-Am Cup, and National Championships. 

"I am very grateful that my skiing has created this platform for me to inspire, and be inspired by, young girls everywhere. "

6 Things You Didn't Know About Tess Johnson

  • 1. Tess set the precedent for naming young athletes to the national team when she was named at age 14, the youngest ever at the time
  • 2. She is the youngest American freestyle athlete ever to medal in a World Championships
  • 3. She is a spokesperson for Girl PowHER, a program apart of Youth Power 365 in the Vail Valley, that empowers young girls mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • 4. Her favorite competition memory was dueling against her best friend and fellow teammate, Jaelin Kauf, during the semi-final of the 2019 Dual Moguls World Championships.
  • 5. Tess originally wanted to be a slopestyle skier but was young at the time to compete. She enrolled in "Bumps and Jumps" and fell in love with mogul skiing.
  • 6. Tess picked up playing the ukulele during quarantine

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