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Erik Arvidsson headshot image

Erik Arvidsson

  • Hometown
    Woodside, Calif.
  • Team
    Alpine B
  • Years on Team
    6 (since 2014)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Bear Valley Team Palisades Tahoe
  • School:
    Middlebury College
  • Instagram

"My goals for this season are to climb into the top 30 in the World Cup Start List in DH or SG, and to make it to the Olympics."

8 Things You Didn't Know About Erik Arvidsson

  • 1. Erik's favorite memory as a competitor is winning the Middlebury College Carnival team title his sophomore year of college.
  • 2. Top 3 Career Accomplishments: 1) 8th Place Saalbach, Austria World Cup 2021, 2) 2016 World Junior Champion, 3) 2018 NCAA First Team All-American
  • 3. Erik's most notable life accomplishment is earning a Bachelors Degree in History from Middlebury College.
  • 4. A couple of things he wants the world to know: 1) he doesn't know how to whistle, he listens to punk rock before ski races.
  • 5. If Erik could choose one actor to play him in a biographical movie, it would be "Ryan Gosling, because he's incredibly sexy."
  • 6. His favorite athlete and role model growing up is Steve Nyman. Now, he is his teammate: "his work ethic, dedication, and willingness to help younger athletes is unmatched." Erik still has a poster of Steve on his wall at his parents house...
  • 7. When he's not skiing, he's mountain biking, camping, floating, and making/drinking coffee. He also speaks Swedish!
  • 8. Post-skiing, Erik would love to transition into a role with one of his equipment sponsors. "If I am skiing for much longer I would also love to get an MBA during the offseason."

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