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Julia Kern headshot image

Julia Kern

Waltham, Mass.
Waltham, Mass.
Cross Country D

Julia Kern made her debut as a member of the Development Team on the U.S. Cross Country Ski Team during the 2015-16 season. She had breakthrough performances at SuperTours, Nationals, Junior Worlds and the OPA Cup, proving herself as a strong racer in many regards. With Kern’s strong passion for improving and achieving as a skier, she will be one to watch for in the future. Kern will attend Dartmouth College in the fall of 2016 and join the Dartmouth Ski Team.

Some of Kern’s best races of the 2015-16 season included grabbing second U20 in the U.S. Championships freestyle sprints in Houghton, MI, second in the SuperTour 10k classic race in Craftsbury, Vt. and second in a 10k freestyle race in Toblach, ITA during the OPA Cup Trip.

Kern grew up playing every sport possible, trying to imitate her older sister, including basketball, soccer, skiing, cross country running, track and field and swimming. As a family, the Kerns were always doing some kind of athletic outing, whether it was organized sports or going hiking, kayaking, climbing, biking and surfing. Kern learned how to ski as soon as she could walk, with her grandparents in Germany taking her on long ski adventures though the woods. When she was a freshman in high school, she realized her dream of playing college basketball had changed to wanting to ski and race all over the world. She skied for Cambridge Sports Union in high school and then attended Stratton Mountain School for a partial gap year. Kern is now enrolled at Dartmouth College. 

Kern love having outdoor adventures with her family in her free time, such as hiking, surfing or beach volleyball, and she still enjoys playing pickup basketball. She really enjoys doing photography and film projects in her free time as well, especially when she is traveling. Her sister lives in California so while she doesn’t get to see her often, it is “always an adventure” when they are together. 

Team Info

  • Stratton Mountain School
  • Dartmouth College
  • Years on Team: 2


8th, 4x2.5k Relay FS, Rasnov, ROU, 2016
8th, 4x3.3k Relay, Almaty, KAZ, 2015
16th, 1.3k Sprint FS, Rasnov, ROU, 2016
18th, 5k CL, Rasnov, ROU, 2016

2nd, U20 FS Sprint, Houghton, MI, 2016
3rd, 5k FS (Juniors), Houghton, MI, 2016
11th, Sprint CL, Houghton, MI, 2016
18th, 10k CL, Houghton, MI, 2016

2nd, 10k CL, Craftsbury, VT, 2016
6th, 5k FS, Craftsbury, VT, 2016
13th, 10k CL, Lake Placid, NY, 2016
17th, Sprint CL, Craftsbury, VT, 2016
19th, Sprint FS, Sun Valley, ID, 2016
21st, 10k FS, Craftsbury, VT, 2016

8th for the Juniors and 29th overall, 10k CL, Sun Valley, ID, 2015

2nd, 10k FS, Toblach, ITA, 2016
3rd, 5k CL, Toblach, ITA, 2016
3rd, 15k FS, Arber, GER, 2016
4th, 5k CL, Arber, GER, 2016
5th, Sprint FS, Toblach, ITA, 2016

2nd Overall in the OPA Cup Tour