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Women's Alpine Development Head Coach

Women's Alpine Development Head Coach

Position Summary:

The Women's Alpine Development Head Coach is the coaching leader of the national alpine development program, and is responsible for identifying, selecting and developing athletes capable of achieving the highest level of international success. This individual is expected to contribute to the achievement long-term success of the U.S. Ski Team by developing young athletes who meet program goals and team selection standards (focused on moving athletes from any program into the C-Team), by working in tight collaboration with identified athletes’ home clubs, and in coordination with the U.S. Ski Team C-Team and U.S. Ski & Snowboard regional programs.

The Alpine Development Head Coach defines and manages a program of projects, interactions with athletes and their home clubs/coaches, and environments that augment and improve young talents’ home club programs in order to win at the Nor/Am and international age group level (U21/U18/U16). This individual is responsible for monitoring the performance and compliance with the national coaching and athlete development methodologies, which are developed by the Alpine Development Director in collaboration with the national development coaches and leading club coaches.

The Development Head Coach is responsible for; educating identified club coaches and athletes about the methods to be used in all aspects of preparation and competition. Setting standards of performance and behavior. Managing camp and competition projects (including all logistics). Communicating with the Alpine Development Director, leading club coaches, athletes, and parents of identified athletes regarding current strategies and athlete progression. Being actively involved with the strategic planning process. Reviewing and critiquing plans and performances, and balancing the needs of short-term success with those of sustainable, long-term elite-level success.

The Development Head Coach is responsible for; applying published selection criteria, and pro-actively identifying and incorporating club-level talent to maximize chances for the long-term elite-level success of the U.S. Ski Team (these decisions will be affected by the athletes’ health, competition history, attitude and quality of preparation). Preparing a plan involving all available resources, training methods, scientific methods, and management methods to achieve those goals. Plans should be clear and specific, so that an evaluation of team success can be made from them. Developing the fundamental skills and competencies required of each identified athlete to compete successfully long-term in elite alpine ski competition. In close collaboration with each athletes’ home club, preparing a detailed preparation plan for each athlete, orchestrating conditioning programs, technique analysis, mental preparation, equipment selection and preparation, planning and management of training camps (including travel logistics for all athletes and staff). Coordinate and monitor season long and day-to-day training plans, including camps and time at the athletes’ home clubs. Interfacing with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard High Performance Department to design and implement a program of testing, monitoring and tracking, and conferring with high performance staff regarding implications of test results. Communicating weekly (at a minimum) with each identified athlete to discuss preparation plans, logistics and concerns. Always returning phone calls in a timely and professional manner.

The Development Head Coach is responsible for; setting specific goals and markers in collaboration with identified athletes’ home clubs for each for each identified athlete that indicate long-term elite success. Goals and markers will directly relate to the performance of the athlete in execution of the program. Establishing and maintaining frequent and effective communication with the Alpine Development Director, athletes’ home club coach, and athletes’ parents regarding plans, athlete progress, results (good or bad), projects and athlete injuries. Implementing and maintaining the athlete development philosophy as determined by the Alpine Development Director.

The Development Head Coach will; protect the health and safety of team athletes by abiding by all competition rules, ensuring competitions and training sessions are carried out in a safe manner, and by reinforcing and implementing decisions made by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Medical Department. Be familiar with and implement all U.S. Ski & Snowboard safety policies, USSA Core Values, Safe Sport policies, coaching ethics, anti-doping policies, FIS eligibility requirements, Code of Conduct and the athlete agreement.

The Development Head Coach will; work communicate directly and frequently with athletes and their club coaches and parents, and to foster good relations and mutual collaboration on all aspects of the program, approaching interactions with brevity, clarity and candor. Stress discretion and good judgment to the athletes and staff when traveling or appearing in public. Effectively blend the team Code of Conduct and values with the team’s individual personalities. Maintain and enhance the image of the U.S. Ski Team at all times.

The Development Head Coach will adhere to essential business directives as set forth by the Chief Financial Officer. This includes timely, accurate and ethical expense reporting, accurate budget planning, staying within the budget allocated for specific projects, and exercising foresight regarding changes of plans, contingencies, etc.

As equipment selection and preparation are an integral part of team success, the Development Head Coach will oversee the team’s service technicians and their operations, and must be heavily involved with the direction and planning of the equipment program.

The Development Head Coach will communicate with the home programs of identified athletes to confirm availability of club coaches for national projects, and during those projects work with the club coaches to deliver project objectives, appraise performance expectations, advise on and manage daily and project logistics, operational requirements, and camp and daily objectives.

The Development Head Coach is a pre-eminent alpine development coach in the nation. Therefore, this individual is expected to participate in the national coaches’ education system by sharing insights and information from his knowledge base. The Development Head Coach will seek out, budget for and attend clinics, seminars or visits to club organizations at least once a year, to explore and coordinate development and coaching methods.

The Development Head Coach will seek out and maintain a friendly, professional working relationship with club coaches at all levels, and with the coaches of other nations, building coalitions and friendly support for initiatives, training and competition opportunities, and event support.


  • Supports and promotes the vision, mission and core values of U.S. Ski & Snowboard in professional image, personal interactions, communications.
  • World-class knowledge and experience of Alpine coaching, athlete development – international elite coaching experience preferred, PSIA instructor certification preferred (or equivalent), high level coach certification preferred.
  • Ability to accurately evaluate critical success factors necessary for long-term athletic success in alpine ski racing.
  • Experience in a supervisory capacity or leadership capacity – high-level club or national team experience, with proven ability to prepare and execute a successful athletic plan for alpine skiers at the U16 and U18 level, and/or at the Nor Am, Europa Cup, World Cup and Olympic level.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for world-class achievement in alpine skiing
  • Successful leader of, and thorough communicator with co-workers, athletes and parents, and club leaders.
  • Team-oriented player who will work well in a team and stakeholder environment by collaborating with fellow staff, clubs leaders and coaches, parents and athletes, and demonstrates loyalty to the program and organization.
  • Can successfully create a budget and work with impactful within it

REPORTS TO: Alpine Development Director

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by completing the U.S. Ski & Snowboard employment application (refer to the References Section on the right), attaching a cover letter and/or résumé and submitting via the online employment application.

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