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Tommy Ford 2019 World Champs

Central Division Manager

Position Summary

The Central Division Alpine Manager will lead the operation of the Central Division using a strong athletic philosophy and methods.

  1. To lead and administer athletic projects, race calendars, policies, and procedures of US Ski & Snowboard and Central Division as they relate to increasing the quality of athletic experience and quantity of member athletes and coaches partaking of those programs.
  2. To coordinate and support the delivery of US Ski & Snowboard programs, products, policies, and services to US Ski & Snowboard members participating in activities in the Central Division of US Ski & Snowboard in an organized, efficient, effective, and timely manner.

Main Attributes: The position requires a person who has a good understanding of competition programs for all ages, strong organizational skills, and a strong ability to interact with staff and volunteers.

  • Adherence to US Ski & Snowboard Vision, Mission and Core Values.
  • Strong work ethic with organizational skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively through a variety of mediums. Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of the USSA alpine program.
  • Computer software applications in word processing and spreadsheets.
  • Accounting skills.
  • History of success in completion of tasks and projects.
  • Able to work independently

Desirable experiences and education

  • US Ski & Snowboard experience as a competitor, coach, official or club leader.
  • Club program employment history.
  • Governance coordination - meeting organization, planning, hosting and follow-up.
  • Website structure and maintenance.


The Central Division Alpine Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Work with the Central Alpine Sport committee, as well as other divisional and regional leaders, to develop appropriate age-based race calendars and training programs based on the framework of the Alpine Training System.
  • Athletic Development - Responsible for Central athlete advancement in the National Development Pipeline
    • Lead Central projects - provide athletic opportunity for Central athletes to obtain the skills to move into the Regional and National pipeline
    • Educate and lead clubs and coaches on athlete development and athlete management
  • Deliver information to USSA Member Clubs providing event information, athlete information and development tools.
  • Assist the Sport Education Department in the scheduling of clinics in coaches' education.
  • Conduct club visitations.
  • Actively consult with and be involved with the Central Alpine Sport Committee and the Central Regions leadership.
  • Manage financial responsibilities applicable to US Ski & Snowboard and local entities.
  • Support the US Ski & Snowboard planning, evaluation and implementation process of the Sport Development and the Sport Departments.
  • Support vital events such as US Ski & Snowboard Junior Championships, Regional/Mid AM FIS, Regional, State and Divisional Championships as assigned.
  • Operate quota, selection and advancement systems rewarding athletes with the opportunity to advance to competition farther up the competition pipeline.
  • Support venue development activities in education, protection equipment inventories and course approvals.
  • Apply approved US Ski & Snowboard procedures to competition and training projects. Projects must operate as “pay to play”.
  • Primary Divisional contact for Coaches, Parents and athletes.
    • Develop and maintain programs to communicate information to members and clubs via email lists, newsletters, competition guides/handbooks.
    • Respond to telephone and email inquiries.
    • Develop and promote the website and promote the use of web-based forms and applications.
    • Provide a high-level presence for US Ski & Snowboard, as appropriate, at Youth, Regional and National events, meetings and projects.
  • Support efforts of athlete development projects with other US Ski & Snowboard staff and assist in regional and national talent identification.
  • Liaison and support for divisional volunteers, including regular communication with and assistance to committees.
  • Assist with Officials education and organization.
  • Liaison with non-US Ski & Snowboard competition programs including ski school based and school racing programs.
  • The Central Manager would reside in the Central Division.

Reports To

Rocky/Central Development Director

Other provisions

1.   All policies of US Ski & Snowboard regarding general operations, staff policies and procedures, and conduct as outlined in the US Ski & Snowboard Staff Manual are in effect for this position.

2.   Cooperative and effective relationships with other staff are absolutely necessary. US Ski & Snowboard staff members are expected to provide support outside their own areas of responsibilities when necessary and appropriate.

Review and Evaluation

This position will be evaluated annually. The evaluation will include a review of the employee's performance relative to annual goals established between the manager and the director.

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