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Eastern Region Selections

Eastern Region Selections

The Eastern Region has quotas for the various national events, US Alpine National Championships, NorAm, and National FIS Series races. The EACC has established procedures for filling these quotas. Internationals and FISU events have a national quota.To be considered for any of these events, racers must declare their interest in the events according to Eastern Region Policies and Qualifying Procedures.

Selections For NPS Series/Projects
Selections for Regional Projects

Regional Project Quotas | Selections TBA


Speed Week rankings (selection is done by applying this ranking to the registration list, we will take as many people as we can)

U16 Boys Tech SL Project ranking/selection

U16 Girls Tech SL Project ranking/selection

Eastern FIS Series Ranking Lists/Eastern Cup Standings
Eastern U16 and U14 Championship Series

2019 Eastern Championship and Finals Quotas

2019 U16 Ronnie Berlack Eastern Championships Scoring - Men

2019 U16 Ronnie Berlack Eastern Championships Scoring - Women

U14 Eastern Championships Scoring - Men

U14 Eastern Championships Scoring - Women

2019 U16 Finals Scoring

U16 Nationals Scoring

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2018-19 Eastern Region Handbook.

Race Announcements

Race Announcements will be posted as they are received.

2019 U16 Ronnie Berlack Eastern Championships

2019 U14 Eastern Championships

2019 U16 Eastern Finals