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Junior Worlds

Cross Country U18 Scandinavian Championships Criteria

Staff Positions Open for 2021 UNDER 18 Nordic Nations’ Championship (J1 Trip) 

The U18 Nordic Junior Championships (aka U18 Scandinavian Championships) will be held February 12-14 in Norway.

2021 UNDER 18 Nordic Nations’ Championship (J1 Trip) Norway – February 12-14 2020 - Events – SPR CL; 5/10km FR; Relay

The U.S. Ski Team and National Nordic Foundation are selecting two service staff to accompany Kate Barton (USST) to this year's championships in Norway. The positions will be funded by National Nordic Foundation. The position will provide invaluable experience to individuals, their clubs, and our developing ski nation. All applicants are welcome. The work is hard and the job is rewarding. 


The service staff will support Kate Barton with management, coaching, and logistics. Staff support will be in charge of ski selection, testing skis flexes, grinds, and wax. 

The desired coaching applicant is a team player, and should have prior experience participating in many camps and race trips in organizational and ski service capacity. International experience is preferable, though not requisite. Applicants should be comfortable, clear, and effective in communicating regularly with athletes age 15 - 17, and be willing to work long days that will include talking with athletes about ski selection, testing skis flexes, grinds, and waxes, with both the coaches and athletes. All applicants must be licensed U.S. Ski & Snowboard coaches with a minimum Level 100 coaches’ certification. Applicants must have a valid passport that has at least six months of validity after the final day of trip travel. All coaches on this trip must be able to drive manual transmissions. 

NOTE: Due to current restrictions with COVID 19 it is likely that USA athletes and support staff will only be able to enter the EU this winter for competition by securing a D Visa from a European consulate in the U.S. before travel.  It is important to recognize that for your passport to be considered for entrance to Europe, it must be valid for 6 months after the last possible day in Europe, and it must have open pages in both the Visa section and the Endorsement section (back of the passport).  If your passport does not meet these standards, you should submit it for renewal with the State Department immediately because wait times at US passport centers are uncertain and lengthy. If we need to acquire D visas for our coaches to enter Europe, there will not be time to also renew a passport, so please check that you are organized now. Applications for the positions below are due no later than September 1 and staff will be selected by September 21.

Competition schedule 

Friday, Feb 12: Sprint Classic
Saturday, Feb 13: 5/10 km Free
Sunday, Feb 14: 3x3km & 3X5km FR-FR-CL Mixed Relays 

Applications should send a brief cover letter and resume to Kate Barton by September 1, 2020. Questions about the trip are welcome. The staff will be selected by September 21, 2020. 

Cross Country U18 Scandinavian Championships Qualification Criteria is available in the References section.

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Call for coaches for the U18 Scandinavian Championships