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Freeskiing Level 300 Coach Certification

Freeskiing Level 300 Coach Certification

The Freeskiing Level 300 certification is for the Head Coach working with athletes competing at the highest levels of National events or beginning to compete internationally. The Level 300 program is also aimed at Head Coaches or Program Directors of a multi-level athlete development program by providing in-depth education on the entire Long Term Athlete Development process.

Freeskiing Level 300 Certification Program

The Freeskiing Level 300 certification program covers two main categories

  • Advanced techniques and tactics for athletes competing at a National or International level in Halfpipe, Slopestyle or Skicross.
  • Sport Science topics supporting the concepts of Long Term Athlete Development. Topics covered include Physiology, Anatomy, Motor Learning, Kinesiology, Skill Acquisition and Sport Psychology.

Coaches wishing to pursue their Level 300 Certification must meet the following requirements and pre-requisites.

Prerequisites--- required of all certified coaches

Prerequisites to enroll in the Level 300 Courses

  • Currently employed as a full-time coach with a U.S. Ski & Snowboard/USASA registered program.
  • Registered and current member coach with both U.S. Ski & Snowboard and USASA
  • 24 months as a Level 200 Coach.

Requirements to complete the Level 300 Certification

  • Attend and complete both indoor Level 300 Sport Science and a Level 300 On-Snow clinic.
  • Satisfactorily pass a written exam and an interview assessment of coaching ability, movement analysis and knowledge of advanced snowboard techniques and tactics.

Level 300 Clinic Schedule

  • Both the indoor and on-snow clinics are offered annually each spring during Coach Academy in conjunction with U.S. Snowboard Project Gold and National Team Camps.
  • Indoor Sport Science clinics may be offered regionally as a separate clinic as demand warrants.

2019 Snowboard and Freesking Level 300

Mammoth, CA – June 6-12, 2019 


Full Schedule *** in process

2019 Sport Science Symposium -

Offered for Continuing Education Credit and for coaches who still need the Sport Science portion of the level 300 certification track.

Center of Excellence, Park City, UT - May 18-19


Full Schedule TBD

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