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White and Clark Reign at Mammoth

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
February, 5 2017
Grand Prix

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA (Feb. 5, 2017) – The American snowboarders were dominant at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix halfpipe event on Sunday, sweeping the men’s podium and taking two of the top three spots for the ladies. Shaun White (Carlsbad, CA) won for the men, while Kelly Clark (West Dover, VT) took the win for the ladies. Ryan Wachendorfer (Edwards, CO) was second and Louie Vito (Bellefontaine, OH) was third for the men while Hannah Teter (South Lake Tahoe, CA) rounded out the ladies’ podium in third.

Weather made an impact on the 2017 event, with snow throughout the week and high winds canceling the men’s halfpipe qualifiers on Saturday. The full field of 29 men took two runs in the final on Sunday. The women were able to get their qualifiers off on Wednesday, but three of the six women were unable to stay for the final, including Americans Chloe Kim (Torrance, CA) and Arielle Gold (Steamboat Springs, CO), which was rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday. Another Sierra storm descended upon the riders as they competed in the final on Sunday, with conditions deteriorating throughout the comp.

Kelly Clark stood atop the podium with Hannah Teter in third. (U.S. Snowboarding)

It was a big win for both Clark and White, who are the two most dominant halfpipe riders in snowboarding history, but had not seen the podium yet this season. “I didn’t have the nicest contest at X (Games),” White said after his first run scored a 94.7, “so I was excited to come here and be the normal me—put some runs down.”  

It was also a huge result for Wachendorfer, who scored his first major podium after finding success on the Toyota U.S. Revolution Tour. He’s also the reigning USASA national halfpipe champion. “I’m actually staying for Rev Tour,” he said when asked where he was headed next, “so I’ll be here for another week.”

Kelly Clark rides to the win at Mammoth. (U.S. Snowboarding)


  • Shaun White won for the men. His first run scored 94.75: Backside air, frontside double 1080 mute, Cab double 1080 stalefish, frontside 540 stalefish, backside double 1260 Japan, frontside 900.
  • Kelly Clark won for the women. Her second run scored 92.25: frontside air, backside 540, frontside 1080, Cab 720, crippler, backside air.
  • Ryan Wachendorfer was second for the men. His second run scored 90.75: frontside 900 tailgrab, double Michalchuk, frontside double 1080, Cab 720, frontside 720, Cab double 1080.
  • Louie Vito was third for the men. His second run scored 83.25: frontside double 1080, Cab double 1080, backside 900, frontside 900, Michalchuk.
  • Hannah Teter was third for the women. Her first run scored 36.25: backside air, frontside 540, backside 540, frontside 720, Cab 360, frontside air, backside 900 crash. She fell hard on the backside 900, not taking a second pass.




Shaun White—First Place
I’m feeling great. I got out here and the weather wasn’t good—we were waiting, waiting, waiting and it was tough to sit around thinking about what you want to do. I didn’t have the nicest contest at X (Games) so I was excited to come here and be the normal me—put some runs down.

Kelly Clark—Second Place
I’m really happy to put down a run like I did today. I think regardless of the circumstances or how many people are in the event you want to do the run you came to do and that’s what I was able to put down today.

Ryan Wachendorfer—Second Place
Glad we got this contest off—I’ve been anxious all week. It’s a little windy, not as bad as it has been. The light got a little better for practice. I’m actually staying for Rev Tour, so I’ll be here for another week.

Louie Vito—Third Place
I had to tone it down, it was just hard to keep speed—it was dumping out, so it was definitely hard.


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