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USSA Seeking Nordic Director

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
June, 11 2015

PARK CITY, UT (June 11, 2015) – With growing enthusiasm for cross country skiing, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association is adding the new position of nordic domestic director to its staff team in Park City. The director will be responsible for administering domestic programs including membership, competition management, rankings, judges/officials education and other overall program tasks in cross country, ski jumping and nordic combined.

Foremost in responsibilities will be membership growth. The USSA recently introduced sweeping changes to its membership to offer easier options for youth, better structure to match the sport and family fee caps. The USSA sees one of its greatest opportunities for membership growth in cross country. The membership changes across all sports evolved out of special task forces empowered in each sport to look at the best ways to grow membership.

“We see great potential for membership growth in cross country,” said USSA Executive Vice President, Athletics Luke Bodensteiner. “Our task force clearly outlined areas in cross country where we can grow our sport and provide more opportunities for kids. It’s timely for us to grow this position and move it into our Park City office to work collaboratively to grow membership.”

The position will replace that of Joey Caterinichio, who has worked for the USSA on domestic programs from her home base in Anchorage for the last three years. Caterinichio has worked to increase the quality level of USSA cross country events and played a strategic role in managing the membership task force the past year. She will remain on during the transition and will continue to be engaged with the USSA as she has for over two decades.

According to Bodensteiner, the position will be based at the USSA Center of Excellence in Park City. The USSA is seeking applicants with a deep background in cross country ski racing and with strong marketing and administrative skills. It’s anticipated that the position will start in Park City by mid to late summer.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done over the last few years to improve the quality of our events and programs,” said Caterinichio. “Nordic skiing is growing and the new innovative approach of USSA is exciting for all. Overseeing the membership task force this past year has helped get to this point and has created a great opportunity for cross country. This is a good step for the USSA to grow the sport and I look forward to helping with the transition.”

Interested applicants can apply at



  • To take advantage of growing interest in cross country skiing, the USSA is hiring a new nordic domestic director to work in its Park City, UT headquarters.
  • The position will be responsible for overall domestic program management in cross country, ski jumping and nordic combined, with a focus on cross country membership growth.
  • Joey Caterinichio, who has worked on USSA programs from her home in Anchorage for three seasons, will remain on during what is anticipated to be a several month transition.
  • Interested applicants can apply at