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Short Term Athlete Memberships Options

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
November, 1 2017
Short-Term athlete memberships

U.S. Ski & Snowboard provides a short-term membership option for athletes who wish to try our sports without the commitment of a full membership. The short-term membership option is not available for coaches, officials or club volunteer members. 

Please note the guidelines for short-term memberships below.

  • Athletes should purchase their short-term membership at least 24 hours prior to the event
  • In most cases, the first short-term membership of the season may be purchased online at
  • Additional short-term memberships may be purchased directly through Member Services
  • Limit of 2 short-term membership purchases per person per season• Additional participation will require upgrade to regular membership
  • The amount previously paid for the short term memberships in a given season will be applied towards the upgrade in the same season. 
  • Individuals who have participated using one or more short-term memberships may choose to upgrade at any time during the season. Division dues may apply.
  • Short term memberships do not include access to the national ranking list
  • Short term memberships are non-refundable except in the case of event cancellation memberships must do so directly through Member Services by phone on 435.647.2666, by email short term*
  • Please note:  Current members and those who wish to purchase additional short-term memberships must do so directly through Member Services by phone on 435.647.2666 or by email

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: As a reminder, short-term memberships have varied restrictions based on sport and division.

Users of the short term membership are responsible to check with the event organizer and/or division to determine any other specific restrictions in advance of the event. Each event organizer may have different requirements. These restrictions may include the following:

  • Specific deadlines for purchasing a short-term membership in advance of the event and event registration close date.
  • Purchase required prior to the event
  • Purchase required at the event.