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Baumgartner SBX Podium in Canada

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
February, 2 2013

BLUE MOUNTAIN, ON (Feb. 2) - U.S. Snowboarding rider Nick Baumgartner (Iron River, MI) rode to third in a FIS Snowboard World Cup snowboardcross in Blue Mountain. Baumgartner fought hard to hold his line and attempt to pass Canadian Chrisopher Robanske who took the men's win. It was the crux in the fourth turn that ultimately cost Baumgartner the win when he got sideways and could not take the opportunity to pass Robanske. Czech rider Eva Samkova took the women's crown.


  • Nick Baumgartner (Iron River, MI) was third in a FIS Snowboard World Cup snowboardcross in Blue Mountain, ON.
  • Jackie Hernandez (Londonderry, VT) led the U.S. women in eighth with teammate Faye Gulini (Salt Lake City, UT) in 10th. 
  • Baumgartner qualified second, winning his opening round of 32 heat. He was second in quarterfinals and won semis.
  • Pat Holland (Squaw Valley, CA) was the next highest U.S. finisher in eighth with teammate Alex Tuttle (Stratton, ME)  in 11th.
  • Blue Mountain was the third stop on the FIS World Cup, next up athletes head to the Sochi FIS World Cup at the 2014 Olympic Venue. 

Nick Baumgartner

I was riding really well today and thought i was going to win, but Robanske was sticking to me. I was blocking the inside line and couldn't hold onto it. I got a little sideways and tried so hard to pass him, I had the opportunity to pass and just couldn't pass him. I let the guy in third pass me and I knew it right away. It was a tough race. It's not what I wanted, but I was not letting anyone touch my line and I made that mistake. Robanske was riding really well, he was everywhere that I wanted to be and he knew how to block me. I have to give him props and hopefully next time it will be me. 

Peter Foley, Head Snowboardcross Coach
Nick was great! He was leading the race for half of it the time and going into the crux of the fourth turn at the pitch he buckled a bit and slid that turn and Robanske from Canada passed him there. Baum is riding really well and incredibly strong and each race he gets close to the top spot, it's just a matter of time. 

Official Results 

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