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Ashley Caldwell Coaches the Men's Health Adventurist

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
November, 9 2017

Learning to master a freestyle jump is hard - unless two-time Olympian Ashley Caldwell is your coach!

Caldwell teamed up with Men's Health to teach Clint Carter, The Adventurist, how to nail a backflip off the water ramps at the Utah Olympic Park in five days. 

"When the rep at Utah Olympic Park told me I wouldn’t be allowed beyond the 10.5-foot single ramp, I was a little burned. I came here to learn and execute a backflip in five days, and even though I’m a rank amateur who’s never caught air before (at least not intentionally), I had my eyes on the Mongo, the 22-foot triple ramp that can launch a skier 50 feet into the sky. It sounded like fun. Besides, the UOP and U.S. Ski & Snowboard not only gave me access to their million-gallon training pool (where I’ll be landing) but also assigned me an aerials goddess for a coach: Ashley Caldwell, the current women’s freestyle world champion."

Did Clint succeed? Find out here.