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Nate Holland headshot image

Nate Holland

  • Hometown
    Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Team
    SBX B
  • Years on Team
    15 (since 2006)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
  • School:
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  • Instagram

"I just rely a lot on my experience. I know how to get in the gate and just switch it on."

4 Things You Didn't Know About Nate Holland

  • 1. Nate has been paving the way for snowboard cross and has competed in races long before it became an official Olympic competitive discipline.
  • 2. When he isn't snowboarding, Nate likes to dirt bike, fly fish, mountain bike, and wakeboard.
  • 3. Nate has a wife named Christen and a daughter named Lux.
  • 4. His brother, Pat, is also a professional snowboarder.