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Eric Beauchemin headshot image

Eric Beauchemin

Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
Grand Blanc, Mich.
Harrisburg, Penn.
Pro Slopestyle - Snowboarding

Eric Beauchemin has been hooked on snowboarding since he was a kid growing up in Michigan. Eric climbed the ranks of regional snowboarding and rode his way to the big leagues with a breakout performance at the 2012 World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo where he finished just shy of the podium in fourth. Now a part of the U.S. Snowboarding slopestyle crew, he is continuing to progress his riding and stepping onto the podium at World Snowboard Tour and World Cup events alike. 

In 2015, Beauchemin won his first major snowboarding event taking home top honors at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix in Mammoth Mountain, CA and nabbing third at a USA podium sweep at the Park City World Cup. He stepped up in 2016, earning second in slopestyle at the Burton U.S. Open, joining good friend and U.S. Snowboarding teammate Kyle Mack on the podium. Could it have been the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume that gave him the courage to top so many elite snowboarders from around the globe? Perhaps...perhaps it was the pizza. 

All joking aside, Beauchemin has the chops to make big waves in competitive snowboarding for years to come, particularly if he continues to ride with the technical precision he demonstrated at the 2016 U.S. Open. 

His first time on a board was a family affair. Beauchemin says, “I visited my grandparents in Pennsylvania for Christmas when I was 12 years old and my cousin Michael asked me if I wanted to try snowboarding with him. We went to the local mountain and ever since then I’ve been hooked on it.” When he and his family went back to Michigan “we started riding on the weekends, then bought a season pass a couple years later and started riding every day after school,” he says.

“I like to visit my friends back in Michigan from time to time. Most of the summer I go back to my parents home in Pennsylvania and wake surf on the lake. Kicking the soccer ball around, skating and playing Xbox live is a good time."

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Team Info

  • Alaska Pacific University Nordic Center
  • Stratton Mountain School
  • Years on Team: 1


World Snowboard Tour Rankings
4th, SS, World Championships, Yabuli, CHN, 2016
9th, SS, 2016
19th, SS, 2013

Eleven starts two podiums
3rd, BA, Stoneham, CAN, 2015
3rd, SS, Park City, UT, 2015
6th, SS, Spindleruv, CZE, 2016

7th, BA, Big Air Fenway, Boston, MA, 2016
9th, SS, U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2016
1st, SS, U.S. Sprint Grand Prix, Mammoth, CA, 2015

3rd, SS, U.S. Sprint Grand Prix, Park City, UT, 2015
4th, SS, U.S. Sprint Grand Prix, Mammoth, CA, 2014
5th, SS, U.S. Sprint Grand Prix, Mammoth, CA, 2014|
6th, SS, U.S. Sprint Grand Prix, Mammoth, CA, 2014